14 Random Amazon Purchases We Love

collage of Random Amazon Purchases

1. Kids’ Pajamas | 2. Kids’ Sun Hat | 3. Nipple Covers | 4. Outdoor Furniture Covers | 5. Kids’ Lunchboxes | 6. Phone Case | 7. Shower Cap | 8. No-Show Socks | 9. Kids’ Water Bottle | 10. Innerfuel Prebiotic Fiber | 11. Outdoor Curtain Tiebacks | 12. Striped Beach Towels | 13. Native Summer Shoes | 14. Rummikub Game

Amazon Prime might be one of the best things in my life. From last minute formula and diaper orders to cute summer dresses, they literally have everything and it delivers in record time. Sometimes I wonder what I would do if I didn’t have the ease of Prime in my life!

I’ve shared so many of my fashion finds and favorite workout pieces from Amazon, today I realized that we have so many other things that we use nearly daily that are all from Amazon. Random goodies for the home to tons of stuff for the kids, and I wanted to share some of our favorites, especially the kids stuff because we all go through that stuff like crazy.

Our Random Amazon Favorite Finds

1. Kids’ Pajamas

We have SO many pairs of these, mostly because Owen grows out of them so fast. They’re made of organic cotton and have the cutest prints!

2. Kids’ Sun Hat

I can’t tell you how many of these we have. I love them for the beach and pool as they dry fast, are lightweight and cover the back of the neck too.

3. Nipple Covers

Summer essentials for backless shirts and dresses!

4. Outdoor Furniture Covers

Bought these to cover our patio furniture and love them. Can’t believe the quality for the price—such a good find!

5. Kids’ Lunchboxes

I accidentally melted Owen’s in the dishwasher, so just got him a new one and got one for Jack. These are so cute and great for packing lunch—there’s essentially no waste either—love that!

6. Phone Case

I bought this phone case for $9! WHAT?! This brand usually retails for around $35, so I was excited to see these older styles on sale.

7. Shower Cap as Random Amazon Purchases

I only wash my hair a few times a week, so this is essential for the nights I don’t wash!

8. No-Show Socks

The best no-show socks ever. I used to get mine from Lululemon, but I like these even more and the price is so much better.

9. Kids’ Water Bottle

Just got a few of these water bottles for Owen. They’re a great size for toddlers/almost little kids—bigger than his old sippy cups, but still easy for him to hold. They come in so many colors and patterns so that’s fun for kiddos too.

10. Innerfuel Prebiotic Fiber

We use this everyday in our smoothies and I attribute my gut healing to this product. Start with just one scoop and work up to two as your body adjusts to more fiber. It doesn’t have any taste when mixed in your smoothie either.

11. Outdoor Curtain Tiebacks

We have some outdoor curtains that flap around in the wind, I love these cute tiebacks to keep them in place.

12. Striped Beach Towels – Random Amazon Purchases

Just bought these! They come in a set of 4, which is perfect for us. Got them just in time for the pool all summer!

13. Native Summer Shoes

We typically get Owen a pair of these every year and I love that I can get them on Amazon. Jack will be wearing Owen’s old ones!

14. Rummikub Game

Again, random, but one of our favorite games! I got the wooden set which I love. Highly recommend this game!

So, yes, that was a very random list, but they’re things we use frequently, if not daily and absolutely love!

BTW, 12 affordable summer finds, and cute activewear under $30.

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