20 Summer Buys Under $100

Summer Buys Under $100 - The Fox & She

Chambray Shirt | Denim Shorts | Pink Sneakers | Owen’s Bodysuit

Can you guys believe that it’s nearly the end of June?! I hate that summer seems to go by so fast. Before it arrives, I get so excited, making plans for all the beach days and picnics we’re going to have and before I know it, I look up and it’s fall!

It’s like I have this idea in my head that life and work are going to slow down completely so I can do all these things. But, as we all know, just because it’s summer doesn’t mean those things slow down!

But the other thing that’s tough, is that it hasn’t really felt like summer. In fact, I kind of feel a little cheated. Thanks, Chicago. We’ve had a few weeks that felt like summer, but, we’ve also had too many days where the temperature doesn’t even break 70 degrees! It poured last week and was chilly enough for me to pull out a sweater. A sweater! In June! Ugh, Chicago, get it together!

Thankfully, I think we’re on the up and up, and maybe my expectations of what summer should look like still haven’t changed since moving from Texas. A part of me misses that sunshine and extreme heat—well, at least for a day or two.

I’m crossing my fingers that June’s weird weather is done and that the next couple of months will really feel like summer! I haven’t done much shopping this season, and there’s two reasons for it. One, the weather hasn’t made me excited to get out and shop for a new dress or pair of shorts. And two, I’ve really been loving wearing all my old summer pieces that I couldn’t fit into last year while pregnant.

I did some browsing over the weekend and found a bunch of cute summer pieces that are all under $100. Actually, a bunch of them are under $50—whoop!

Has it felt like summer where you live?! What are your favorite things to wear during the summer? For me, it’s definitely dresses!

20 Summer Buys Under $100:

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