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20 Simple Ways to Practice Self-Love

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I'm Blair Staky

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20 ways to show self love

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Self-love is one of those buzzwords that gets thrown around the blogging and wellness worlds often, but for such good reason. Taking time for yourself and finding what makes you uniquely happy is shown to increase mood, clear your head, lower stress levels, and can even be healthy for your body long-term. The key is to first prioritize the practice (a.k.a yourself!), then find what makes YOU feel good—just because someone is doing yoga on Instagram doesn’t mean that needs to be your version of finding inner peace. Here’s a list of 20 simple ways to experiment with and experience self-love. Make sure you’re doing at least one of these each day!

  1. A warm cup of lemon water, coffee, or tea while reading a book in the morning.
  2. A face mask and glass of wine.
  3. A morning walk with your dog, or alone.
  4. Listen to your favorite podcast while driving instead of taking calls.
  5. Color or do a puzzle—I love the zen adult version of coloring books.
  6. Give yourself a mani/pedi, or better yet, pay someone else to.
  7. Diffuse lavender oil and skim a magazine before bed.
  8. Enjoy a bath.
  9. Take a new fitness class (or skip it if you need a break!).
  10. A long drive through nature.
  11. Take a whole day off from tech.
  12. Experiment with a new recipe. Flipping through a physical cookbook is amazing, too.
  13. Watch YouTube videos and perfect your cat eye.
  14. Call an old friend or parent.
  15. People-watch in a coffee shop.
  16. Dry-brush and follow it up with a long shower.
  17. Meditate.
  18. Lay in a park.
  19. Organize a closet that’s been bugging you.
  20. TAKE A NAP!

Doesn’t reading that list instantly chill you out? What’s your favorite way to treat yourself? Enjoy the self-love!

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Today’s post is written by contributor Chelsea Becker, a San Diego native, living and writing in San Francisco. Follow her on Instagram & Pinterest.