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The Power of Human Connection (& Why We Need More Of It)

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Have you ever thought about how insanely powerful human connection can be?

Most days I work from home alone, well, unless you count Oliver! But animals aside, my days are usually spent in solitude, and while I fully appreciate and need my alone time, the lack of human interaction wears on me. I’ve realized that it’s something I crave—desperately.

I had a bit of an epiphany on the subject a few weeks ago. I was sitting at Soho House with Shaheen, typing away on my computer, but stopping frequently to chat, ask a question or sip my cup of tea.

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[one-half-first]fall outfit idea[/one-half-first][one-half]how to wear a wool hat[/one-half]

I sat back in my chair, noticing that my shoulders and back were literally sore from the stiff and tense the previous day. I’d been racing around the house, typing emails ferociously, folding laundry like an efficient machine and scratching of my to-do list like it was the only thing that mattered. By the end of the day I’d done it all! I expected to feel happy, a sense of accomplishment and pride. But all I felt was alone and exhausted. All that work for what? To feel tired and miserable at the end of the day?

Back at Soho, I poured more tea and let my eyes wander the room. Taking a break like this to sit and ponder—to daydream and let my mind wander felt like a treat. Everyone else was doing something similar—talking with friends, laughing, sharing a meal and conversing over coffee. They were all connecting and in that I found my ah-ha moment! This is what my days were missing and I wanted, no, needed, more of it.

It was a stark reminder that I was looking for happiness and joy in the wrong places. Sure, checking off my to-do list gives me a burst of pride and excitement, but a few moments later it’s gone and I’ve moved onto the next item on the list.

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power of human connection

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I’m not sure where this idea that being productive and getting things done will bring me happiness, but, as I sat there in my cozy velvet chair and let out a deep breathe of relief, I realized something major. This is happiness. Simple and sweet. Nothing over-the-top, just good ole peace and contentment brought on by simply connecting with other people. It was also a good reminder that the world will not come crashing down if my to-do list doesn’t get finished.

That same day, I wore this outfit which made me feel extra creative for some reason. Maybe that’s what led to all my deep-thinking… Either way, I don’t wear hats all the time, but I’ve really been loving the way they look with my bangs. This blush pink top has been one of my favorites lately. I love the fun jungle cat pattern on it and paired it with a simple black skirt, over the knee boots and one of my most-worn cross body bags.

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reasons we need human interaction

At the end of that day, I came home to my cozy apartment and was greeted by my sweet husband and adorable pup. My to-do list was not complete, but my heart was full. I hate that I get caught up in little things that don’t really matter, but today I’m thankful for my ah-ha moment and all the reminders I’ll surely need in a few weeks.

Do you need human interaction as much as I do? What are you doing to slow down and enjoy this holiday season?

BTW, a classic fall look (one of my most popular posts ever), and let’s do a quick heart check.



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