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6 Ways to Show Someone You Love Them

Today’s post is written by contributor Chelsea Becker, a San Diego native, living and writing in San Francisco. Follow her on Instagram & Pinterest.

The people we’re closest to usually know how we feel about them, but that doesn’t mean they don’t need (or deserve) to be shown that every once in a while. Unfortunately, getting comfortable in a relationship of any kind can mean not always remembering to do this frequently.

However, it’s definitely something worth making a priority for both friends, family and your significant other.

So, whether you’re like me and not a naturally sensitive person and have to get creative in how you express yourself or even if you’re always full of ideas, here are a few ways you can show someone you love them. I hope they help!

6 Ways To Show Someone You Love

1. Spend Quality Time with Them

I think we get the idea of time and quality time confused. Sometimes my husband and I both have to remind ourselves that binging the latest season of our favorite show doesn’t exactly count as quality time together.

And the same goes for friends!

I think quality means you engage in meaningful conversation, share something new with one another or simply go somewhere without cell phones and TVs going off in the background. It’s really rare when you think about it (at least for me, eeek!).

2. Do Something You Know They Love Even if You’re Not a Fan

My husband and I have a lot of things in common, but he definitely has his set of hobbies and I have mine. And even though I think it’s important for our relationship that we have individual interests, every once in a while I volunteer to do something I know is more his thing.

I know it means a lot to him when I take an interest, so why not? Plus, I think it encourages him to do the same thing for me, which I always appreciate as well.

And of course, you can also do this with friends. If you usually meet for lunch but you friend has been begging you to come to a barre class with her, just do it! The gesture will mean so much.

3. Express your Feelings to Them Using Their Love Language

Have you heard of the book “The 5 Love Languages”? It’s been around for a while now, but can seriously be a game changer for your romantic relationship.

It explains the importance of knowing your own love language, that of your partner and how to discover what they are for each of you.

But what’s a love language?

It’s how you as an individual give and receive love. There are 5 love languages according to the book: words of affirmation, quality time, giving/receiving gifts, acts of service and physical touch.

Once you and your partner know which of these the other values most, it can be a lot easier to understand how to show each other love. And speaking from experience, you don’t always know your partner’s love language (even if you think you might!).

4. Take a Walk Together

I love calling up a girlfriend (or my mom) I haven’t seen in a while and taking a nice long walk. The conversation flows organically and we get a little bit of exercise in, so it’s pretty much a win-win.

If you have a dog you can always bring them along too, which is an added bonus. Find a trail or path near your neighborhood and make it a standing weekly date if you can.

5. Small Moments of Affection

Even if you or your partner don’t give or receive love by physical touch, small moments of affection can make a big impact. Whether it’s a simple handhold on a walk or offering to give a massage—these little moments add up.

I mean, we’re all human and sometimes an unexpected display of affection (in public or at home, whatever is more your thing) goes a long way.

6. Simple but Meaningful Gifts

When a friend or family member is celebrating something in their life, whether it’s a new baby, a wedding or anything else, I love sending small gifts via mail. It’s just a simple way of letting them know I’m thinking about them and I’m sending my love.

Even if you only send a card, I guarantee whoever is on the receiving end will feel so excited to be getting a personal note instead of the usual advertisements and bills. And hello, it’s so much more personal than a text!

How do you show the people important to you that you love them? I think every relationship (friendship or otherwise) has its special quirks and unique ways of doing things, but hopefully this gives you a few ideas if you weren’t sure how to get started.

BTW, tell me about your first date, and where did you meet your “person”?

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