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A Simple Sun Salutation to Start your Morning

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I'm a mom of two boys living in Denver. The Fox & She is where I share my easy outfit ideas, style tips, beauty hacks and wellness tips for inspired, happier living—everyday.

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sun salutations

Admittedly, my mornings are usually not spent doing yoga, but after the craziness of breakfast, bottles and getting Owen out the door, a quiet moment to reset my brain for the day is essential.

One way I love to do this is a simple sun salutation series. Yes, I’m wearing my yoga clothes here, but you can do this in your pajamas. It’s quick, but feels so good to get your body moving, even for just a few minutes.

I often do this quickly in my office before I sit down at my computer to work or to paint, it’s such a nice way to get your body moving gently first thing in the morning.

Morning Sun Salutation

Prayer Pose & Set Intentions

sun salutations

I like to start standing upright with my hands in prayer position, eyes closed. Take a few deep breaths through your nose and out your mouth to release any tension. Set your intentions for the day, one of my favorites is “to live in alignment with my purpose”.

Then, get started with this quick, but rejuvenating flow.

Upward Salute

Open your eyes, and move your hands from prayer towards the sky. Look towards the sky. Make sure to keep your belly pulled in and avoid arching your back.

sun salutations

Forward Bend

sun salutations

Next, exhale and dive forward. Relax your arms, back and neck and just hang for a moment. Then, inhale and straighten your back and move your hands to your shins like the photo below.

sun salutations

Plank Pose

sun salutations

Next, walk your hands out to plank pose and hold for a beat. Pull your belly button back to your spine.

Gentle Twist

sun salutations

Exhale and pull one foot up to meet your right hand. Gently twist and reach your hand to the sky. Turn your face upward. Place hand back on the ground, move foot back and repeat on the other side.

sun salutations

Return to your plank pose and hold for a beat.

Downward Dog

sun salutations

Exhale and push yourself into a downward dog. Take a few deep breaths, move your head back and forth and yes and no. Pedal your feet out and then push back, trying to work your heels to the ground.

Walk your hands back towards your feet, and pull half way up again (like we did at the beginning. Then drop arms down to a forward bend, and move arms in an outward circular motion while coming back to a standing salute pose.

sun salutations

Repeat 2-5 Times

Move through this sun salutation as many times as you want. Feel free to add your own movements throughout, do whatever feels good and natural to you.

Finish your practice with your eyes closed and hands in prayer again, reminding yourself of your intention for the day and saying ‘Namaste’ out loud or in your head.

This is such a quick and easy morning practice that helps get you in a good mindset for the day and it just feels good to move your body!

BTW, 6 yoga poses for strong abs, and heart-opening poses to strengthen your back.



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