The Cutest Holiday Decor

affordable and Cutest Holiday Decor

1. Advent Calendar | 2. Postcard Doormat | 3. Plaid Stocking | 4. Tree Topper | 5. Reindeer Moss Wreath | 6. Champagne Ornament | 7. Bottle Brush Trees | 8. Frasier Fir Candle | 9. Nutcracker Ornament | 10. Christmas Village | 11. Throw Pillow | 12. Red Truck | 13. Marble Stocking Holder| 14. Cinnamon Pinecones | 15. Faux Mistletoe | 16. Blue Metal Truck | 17. Faux Garland

I’m usually the person who is adamant about waiting until after Thanksgiving to start decorating for Christmas. But this year with a new house, I’m actually excited to decorate a bit earlier!

As a kid, I remember how magical the holidays felt. We’d get home from school and play different games we’d made up with my mom’s holiday decorations—she probably didn’t love that, but we did! It felt festive and special for so long and I want that for my kids too.

We actually don’t have that much holiday decor though. After living in small apartments for 8+ years and never actually spending Christmas there, it just wasn’t a top priority for me. Now that we have the space and will be waking up in our own home, I’m so excited to make it feel special!

The Cutest & Affordable Holiday Decor


To me, ornaments are something you collect overtime, each one has a little story to tell and I love that! This year, I love this one and this one and plan to let Owen pick out one. We also have several photo ornaments. My mom’s tree is all photo ornaments from each year of our lives and it’s so fun to look at!

A tree topper is also on my list because somehow I still don’t have one after all these years!

Christmas Trees

Personally, I’m all about a real tree! I love the way they smell, but I totally get that they’re messy and a faux tree can be so much easier. I want a real one, but some of these look so good that I might be convinced to get a faux one and never worry about it again.

Small Holiday Decor

How cute are these little cars and bottle brush trees?! I plan on getting a few to put along our mantels. These cute little villages and houses are so adorable and would look so cute mixed in with a garland across a mantel.

I also want to get some sort of advent calendar or countdown to Christmas because I remember how fun those were as kids!

Garlands, Wreaths & Doormats

A couple of years ago, I bought some faux garlands and I love them! No mess and still look so festive. I’m thinking one to go down the stairs and of course, one for the fireplace mantels!

I also love a festive wreath and doormat! It’s such a simple swap for the holidays and always looks so festive! Make sure to get a wreath hanger like this one so you don’t have to nail into your front door. I think this doormat is so dang cute!!!


Seems silly to buy now, but it’ll be gone in a few months when it’s time to pack things up. I just ordered one of these ornament holders and wreath holders so we can keep things organized and tidy for next year. Everything is currently wrapped in one box in old newspaper.

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