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8 Amazing Skincare Benefits of Dermaplaning & Why You should Shave your Face

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If you haven’t started shaving your face at home regularly, these insane benefits of dermaplaning will have you trying it tonight.

benefits of dermaplaning

If you’re interested in skincare and beauty at all, then you’ve probably heard about people shaving their faces—but, are you doing it yet?

There’s an old wife’s tale that if you shave your face, the hair will grow back thicker, darker and more course. But, that couldn’t be further from the truth, so let’s stomp that one out right now. And, shaving your face on a regular basis can provide some pretty insane skincare and beauty benefits.

The proper term for shaving the peach fuzz off your face is called dermaplaning. Not only does it remove the hair on your face, but it also removes the top layer of dead skin cells that instantly gives your skin a smooth finish and glowy appearance.

If you haven’t tried this out yet, these benefits will have you buying a face razor ASAP!

8 Amazing Benefits of Dermaplaning that You’ll Get from Shaving your Face at Home

Refreshes Skin Instantly

If your skin is feeling tired and dull, shaving your face will instantly give you a fresh new glow. That’s because it removes the top layer of dead skin cells to reveal healthy skin cells below.

Allows Products to Penetrate Deeper

Once you’ve removed that layer of dead skin cells and peach fuzz, your products are more easily able to penetrate deeper into the skin and have more impact on your skin. I find that products absorb so much quicker and easier afterward, instead of them just sitting on top of my skin. This is easily one of the best benefits of dermaplaning at home.

Helps Prevent Future Breakouts

Dermaplaning deeply exfoliates your skin. Like I mentioned above, this allows products to work better, but it also helps to keep pores from getting clogged and congested.

If you have active acne or open blemishes, do not shave over them. If you shave active acne, you’re likely going to make it worse because it spreads the bacteria. Wait until your breakout has cleared before shaving your face!

Your Makeup Goes on Smoother

This is one of the most noticeable benefits of dermaplaning in my humble opinion. The next time you put on makeup, it goes on so smoothly and looks amazing!

Helps with Fine Lines & Wrinkles

It turns out that dermaplaning can actually help reduce fine lines and wrinkles. It won’t do much for deep set wrinkles, but for fine lines, it can make a huge difference!

Minimize Appearance of Scars & Pores

It can help to reduce the appearance of scars by removing the top layer of skin. This helps with scar and skin texture as well as discoloration. It also helps to reduce the appearance of pores by deeply exfoliating and clearing out clogged pores.

Exfoliates Skin

Regular exfoliation is key to healthy skin, and shaving your face provides a deep exfoliation at home that can impact your skin for years to come.

Leaves Skin Silky Smooth

Lastly, your skin feels so wonderful and smooth when you’re done. Just make sure to not touch your face too much!

Dermaplaning How To: Steps & Tips for Women Shaving Face at Home

Tips to Prep Skin

Cleanse your Face

Before you shave your face, make sure that you’ve removed all makeup and cleansed your face. Lately, I’ve been using this oil cleanser after I remove my makeup and it has done wonders for my complexion.

After your makeup is removed and your face is dry, you lightly dampen a cotton round, squirt 3-4 pumps onto the pad and move in circular motions all around your face. I do this again on the backside of it before I rinse with water and pat dry.

It’s really important that you do a deep cleanse on your face before dermaplaning because we don’t want to spread any dirt or bacteria around our face.

Warm your Face

This isn’t 100% necessary, but it feels nice and can help open up the pores and make the razor glide more smoothly. Just take a clean, warm rag and ring it out and press on your face to warm it up.

Tool to Use

For beginners, these face razors are the best and they’re incredibly inexpensive. They also work great for trimming eyebrows. As you get the hang of it down, you can move to something like this one from Stacked Skincare. I also love this one from Stacked Skincare because the blades are removable so there’s less waste.

Dermaplaning Razors & Skincare

How to Shave your Face Women & the Direction to Shave

You’ll want to shave in the direction that the hair grows, so downward. You’ll do this in small, gentle strokes with the razor at a 45 degree angle to your skin. Go slowly and be careful as you can nick your face just like you can shaving your legs.

Move around your face, avoiding any areas where you have active breakouts. You do not want to shave over a blemish. This can spread bacteria and actually cause more breakouts if you’re not careful—I learned this the hard way!

How to Clean Razor

Some of the razors are disposable and you’ll want to discard after 1-3 uses. In between uses, rinse your blade under hot water, then dry and spray it with rubbing alcohol. Store it with its cover on to avoid getting dust on it.

Skincare After Shaving

It’s tempting to throw your most powerful skincare ingredients at your skin as soon as you’ve done this, but I recommend keeping it mild. Do not apply any more exfoliants for a few days as you’ve just deeply exfoliated your skin.

Stick to hydrating, calming and nourishing products. The next morning you’ll wake up with glowing, hydrated and dewy skin!

How Often to Shave Face?

This will depend on your own individual skin needs. Shaving your face every 1-3 weeks is considered normal. Doing it any more than this can cause irritation or sensitivity as it’s a deeply exfoliating treatment.

Is Dermplaning Safe?

Yes, dermaplaning is a non-invasive procedure. You can go to a medical spa and have your face dermaplaned professionally where they use a medical grade scalpel. You can get very similar effects from dermplaning at home and shaving your face regularly.

This simple skincare practice has amazing impacts on your skin and only gets better over time. I’d love to know if you’ve tried it before and here what benefits of dermaplaning you’ve noticed!

BTW, the big differences between a retinol and retinoid, and 3 of the best non-toxic dry shampoos so you can go longer between washes.



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