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28 Best Amazon Finds that are Totally Random but Also Amazing

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The best Amazon finds that you’ll absolutely love, even though they’re all a bit random. You’ll be surprised Amazon even has this stuff!

28 of the best amazon finds that are totally random but amazing

I know I’m not the only one that loves Amazon Prime. From last minute diaper orders to cute summer dresses to home decor to stuff for the kids to handy products that make my life easier—they literally have everything and it delivers in record time.

Sometimes I wonder what I would do if I didn’t have the ease of Prime in my life! Plus, I’ve discovered some of my all-time favorite products on their website that I swear by. The prices are usually hard to bea too.

I’ve shared so many of my fashion finds and favorite workout pieces from Amazon over the years, but today we’re breaking down the top 20 best Amazon finds that I know you’ll be totally obsessed with. By the end, you might even be saying, “I had no idea Amazon had that!”

28 Best Amazon Finds that are Totally Random but Also Amazing

Ribbed Water Carafe & Glasses

How chic is this carafe and glasses set. I love the smoky color as a nice change from clear glass. It’s great for water, coffee, tea or even your favorite liquor.

Flower Sconce Light

How gorgeous is this lighting fixture? It reminds me of one that I’ve seen that’s much more expensive. I love the gilded flower detail on the shade. It’s so unique and fun! Plus, it’s only $70!

Three-Legged Ceramic Fruit Bowl

How cute is this simple and modern ceramic fruit bowl. I personally love the legs on it—they make it so unique and whimsical.

Water Carafe & Tumbler

The perfect addition to your bedside table, or a nice little luxurious surprise for house guests. This carafe and tumbler set come in several different colors to match your decor.

Marble Butter Keeper

This marble butter keeper is not only functional but looks beautiful sitting on your countertops. You pour water in the cup to keep the butter soft and spreadable. So much better than trying to spread hard butter straight from the fridge.

Teak Wood Bowl

This wooden bowl is a nice change from more marble and adds such a beautiful earthy element to your kitchen counter or tabletop. I love the rustic look of this pretty bowl.

Colored Wine Glasses, Set of 6

These colored wine glasses are absolutely stunning and I personally love the more muted colors in this set of 6. They’re hand-blown and lead-free and will look amazing on the table at your next dinner party.

Wall Mounted Fixtures

Maybe not the first place you’d look at for lighting, but I’ve been continually impressed with Amazon’s selection of lighting options. I love these modern hardwired sconces. They also come in a plug-in version.

Glass Match Cloche with Striker

This gorgeous match cloche with a striker comes in a bunch of different colors, and even a unique fluted and twisted glass container. It’s both functional and pretty. We use ours on a regular basis for lighting candles, and it makes a nice addition to my newly styled shelves. In my opinion, this is one of the BEST Amazon finds I’ve come across!

If you love those long matches, these even come in a large size to accommodate those matches.

Pleated Bow Heels That are Party Ready

bow platform heels

These adorable platform pleated bow sandals look similar to a much more expensive pair. They get amazing reviews on comfort

La Jolie Muse Candles

la jolie muse candles

When I came across these candles, I literally thought I was on Anthropologie’s website. The gorgeous glass containers, amazing scents and low prices had me sold. This is now one of my go-to candle brands. When they’re done, you can keep the stunning containers for storage or mini vases.

A few personal favorite scents are the Passionfruit Peony (shown above), Frasier Fir and Moroccan Amber. Yes, I own all of them!

Affordable Leggings That Fit like Align Leggings

If you’re on the hunt for an amazing pair of leggings for hanging out in or working out in, this brand has become a favorite. That’s because they fit very much like Lululemon’s coveted Align leggings that have a cult-following, and for good reason.

They fit so well and hold their fit all day long. This pair, at $23, is a steal and fits just like the real deal—honestly, I don’t think I’ll ever go back! Another one of the best Amazon finds I’ve come across.

Fleece-Lined Leggings

fleece-lined sweatpants

I won’t even try to sugar coat it, these are not the most flattering sweatpants you’ll buy. But, you know what they’re really good for? Winter—going for walks when it’s cold outside, lounging around in the house, and staying super warm.

I don’t know how I missed this the first time, but they also have a pair of fleece-lined joggers that are more fitted and probably a heck of a lot more flattering, ordering immediately!

Electric Lighter That’s Rechargeable

rechargeable electric lighter

I light candles at least once a day—that’s a lot of matches to go through! So, when I found this electric lighter, I knew I needed it. I love that it’s electric and rechargeable.

The charge holds for a few days and it charges super fast. It also lights candles in a flash—if you’re a candle lover, you’ll love this so much!

The Best No-Show Socks I’ve Ever Worn

best no-show socks

I pretty much only wear no-show socks unless I’m wearing winter boots (just snagged this pair on sale and they are SO good!). I’ve tried expensive brands and nothing holds up as well as these affordable Amazon no-show socks. I have so many sets and always reach for them, even over my Lululemon socks.

Wireless Picture Light for Paintings & Art

picture light

I love those gorgeous picture lights, but hardwiring lighting into our old house can be an expensive project. These rechargeable picture lights add just the right amount of light and don’t require any fancy electric work. It’s magnetic and comes with a remote to easily turn it on and off.

Retro Toaster that Looks Like Smeg

smeg toaster dupe

Looking for a chic toaster? This one gives Smeg vibes, but at a fraction of the price. If you’re not regularly toasting 3+ waffles at a time like me, this smaller one is more compact and gives you the same look without taking up quite as much counter space.

Large Clamshell Bowl

clamshell bowl

Finding large decorative bowls to put on a sideboard or as the centerpiece of a table are hard to find. And, if you do find one, they can be wildly expensive. I love this organic one. It would work well in a beachy, coastal space, but just as well in a modern space.

I love this for a centerpiece filled with other collectibles or faux fruit, or on a shelf as something unique and different.

Kitchen & Bathroom Faucets


Did you know you can actually buy kitchen and bathroom faucets and hardware on Amazon? We’ve been looking to replace our faucet and I thought I’d be spending a thousand dollars, but turns out I can get something totally great for a really affordable price—I can’t wait!

Plated Zirconia Earring Cuff

cz huggie earrings

One of my favorite Amazon purchases of all time are these CZ huggie earrings. They’re super affordable, but look expensive and they stay put. The brand has so many different styles so you can mix and match if you have multiple ear piercings.

Slice Box Cutter for Opening Packages

slice box cutter

This box cutter is ideal for avid online shoppers. Not only does it make cutting through tape a breeze, it also cuts through cardboard easily while keeping your fingers and hands protected. It’s fully retractable in case you have little ones around the house that like to get into stuff.

When your blade dulls, it’s easy to change too. It might even make breaking down boxes feel like less of a chore.

Portable Champagne Insulator

wine insulator and cooler

The next time you want to bring champagne, Prosecco, cava or wine to a party or to the park for a grown-up picnic, keep it cool with this portable champagne and wine insulator. It also does a great job of cooling a room-temp bottle down quickly. This would make a great gift for any hostess in your life.

Vintage-Inspired Champagne Coupes

vintage-inspired champagne coupes

It’s not secret that I love a good glass of bubbles. I’ve also been known to break many a champagne flute, sometimes before I’ve even had any champagne. They’re so fragile! I love the look of these beautiful champagne coupes and the price. If you break one, you won’t feel quite as bad!

Folex Stain Remover

folex stain remover

If you have kids or pets, you need a bottle of Folex Stain Remover ASAP. It’s amazing at getting stains out of rugs, furniture or upholstery. I continue to be amazed at how stains literally disappear. It works so incredibly well, even on light-colored items. Buy it and thank me later!

Mini Wooden Pedestal

wooden pedestal for sink

I bought this wooden pedestal to put next to our sink so that the soap bottles didn’t sit directly on the counter. It gives a little height and dimension to the area and easily holds two glass pump bottles and a scrubbing brush. Whenever it gets too sticky, just clean it well with a sponge or scrub brush and let it dry. It’s durable and so cute.

Oversized Sunglasses

specs oversized sunglasses

Every time I buy a pair of nice sunglasses, my kids somehow manage to destroy them, scratch them or lose them. So, I’ve stopped buying fancy ones for now. I’ve had great luck with Amazon sunglasses and this oversized pair are so stylish and the price is amazing.

If you like to switch up your sunglasses often, this brand is a great one that is high-quality and won’t break the bank with so many cute styles to pick from.

Ceramic Salad Bowls that Double as Cool Decor

marbled salad bowls

These bowls are technically meant for salads, and I love the size of them for a big entree salad. But, they’re also cool enough to sit on your shelf or coffee table as a decorative bowl. They come in a few colors and I know I could find many uses for them in my own home.

Grout Brushes

grout brushes

Not super sexy, but super handy for scrubbing the grout in your bathroom or kitchen clean. It’ll save your hands (and an old toothbrush).

So, yes, that was a very random list, but they’re things we use frequently, if not daily and absolutely love!

BTW, 9 cozy home decor tricks to make your space feel instantly more inviting, and 8 simple ways to make morning less stressful with kids.



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