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9 Cozy Home Decor Tricks to Make your Space Feel Instantly More Inviting

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Want your home to feel comfortable and inviting? Try these cozy home decor trends and tricks to bring new life to your space.

cozy home decor

At the end of a long day, coming home should feel like arriving to a peaceful retreat. A place where you feel calm, comfortable, safe, relaxed and cozy. 

If you’re not getting those cozy home vibes, the good news is that’s it’s simple to make a few tweaks to your space to instantly put you at ease and make your home feel like the cozy oasis you dreamed of. 

9 Cozy Home Decor Tricks to Make your Space Feel Instantly More Comfortable

Turn the “Big” Lights Off

cozy home decor

Maybe you’ve seen this viral trend on IG, and turning over your big, overhead ceiling lights is one way to instantly make your space feel more cozy. Swap the bright overhead lights for lamps with soft light. 

Having several different lamps on in one room will give you all the light you need, but create such a better mood than those overhead lights. You’l instantly create a peaceful ambiance in whatever room you’re in. 

For areas where you don’t have a plug or a cord is too messy, try these wireless lamps that you charge with a USB cord. These look amazing in outdoor spaces, on dining room or coffee tables and other small spaces where a cord looks too messy, but you still need some light.

Light a Candle

cozy home decor

If you’ve ever lit a candle and started feeling more calm, there’s a real reason for it. According to Doc Annie, gazing at the flickering light from a candle helps move our brains from the beta brainwave state, to the alpha brainwave state which is associated with calmness and creativity.

It also creates more of that calm, soft light that feels relaxing and helps put us at ease.

Scented candles can also help us unwind. Choosing a scent that you connect with and associate with good memories is an easy way to make your space feeling instantly more cozy and comfortable.

If you have little ones, make sure your candles are out of reach and in secure places that can’t get knocked over easily!

Hang More Art on the Wall

cozy home decor tips

Another easy way to make a room feel more cozy is to hang stuff on the walls. Nothing stays stark and cold like blank, empty walls! Adding art gives more life to the room and can even make a space feel bigger. 

You don’t need to go crazy and cover every inch of your wall with gallery walls (though we do love a good gallery wall!), but pictures and art have a way of making a room feel so full of life.

Try a combination of larger pieces on a wall with stacked smaller pieces on an adjacent wall. Personally, I love stacking smaller framed pieces for a really unique look that give such a cozy, collected-over-time look. 

When hanging art, make sure to not hang it too high, this is a common mistake and can make the whole room feel off balance. A good rule of thumb is that the center of the painting should be 57-60” (check on this!) from the ground. Of course this will vary depending on the size of the piece and the height of your ceilings. Have someone hold it in place while you step back to make sure it feels right.

Add Dimmers to Overheard Lights

We already talked about how lamps can bring so much warmth to a room, but if you still need those overhead lights, consider adding dimmers so that you can create a more peaceful mood.

Dimmers are cheap, and having an electrician can install them quickly and easily won’t cost you too much either. Being able to dim the lights to set the mood really changes everything—we’ll never go back to fully bright overhead lights again!

Florals or Plants

cozy home decor

Whether these are faux or real doesn’t really matter. If you’re known for killing all your plants, opt for high-quality faux plants that look really good! Investing in one good faux tree will save you tons over the years too.

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Adding an organic element to a room adds yet another layer of complexity and interest. Bringing the outdoors inside creates such a calm and inviting space and is an absolute essential in my book. 

Area Rugs

One of the fastest ways to ground a room and make it feel more cozy is to add a rug. The key is making sure that you get a rug that’s appropriately sized for your space. A rug that’s too small will instantly make the room feel cramped and crowded, but a rug that’s the right size will make the room feel bigger and more inviting. 

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For larger spaces, opt for a rug like this one that you can customize to your space. It’s simple, warm and a material that’s durable. 

Calm Music

cozy home decor

In a home where kids’ music is often playing on repeat, having some calm music that’s softly playing in the background is one the quickest ways to put me at ease. A good instrumental is one of my favorites.

One of my personal favorite soundtracks in Midnight in Paris. It’s both calming and lively and puts me in the best mood. It’s crazy how music can transport you to a different place and bring back specific memories instantly. Find music that you connect with and makes you feel good.

Bring Furniture Away from the Walls

A simple trick for making your room feel cozier? Pull your furniture away from the walls. It seems counterintuitive, right? Having more space feels natural, but when you give your furniture some breathing room instead of being crammed agains the wall, you actually create a more intimate moment. This also leaves the room feeling much more balanced. 

When it’s against the wall, it can make the middle area of the room feel really awkward and big. Pulling things closer together can create a warm setting that feels so cozy, comfortable and natural!

Window Treatments

This can be roman shades, curtains, blinds or whatever else you want.

Not only are window treatments great for privacy, they can actually add softness to your walls and space, and even make the windows feel bigger.

Just make sure you’re hanging the curtains properly! If you hang them incorrectly, your ceiling will feel lower and your and windows will feel smaller. But, hung correctly, curtains can make windows appear much larger and ceilings even higher!

There you have it, 9 simple cozy home decor tricks to make every space feel more comfortable and inviting!

BTW, how to add beadboard to your bathroom, and the 7 best supplements for immune support to keep your family well.



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