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What’s Your Love Language?

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sequin back party dress — via @TheFoxandShe
sequin back dress — via @TheFoxandShe
pink dress — via @TheFoxandShe
sequin back party dress — via @TheFoxandShe
nude pumps — via @TheFoxandShe
sequin low-v back — via @TheFoxandShe
details — via @TheFoxandShe
sequin back party dress — via @TheFoxandShe
crystal stud earrings sequin back party dress — via @TheFoxandShe
pink skirted dress — via @TheFoxandShe

When we got married, our wedding planner left us with a little bag of goodies before the big day. There was champagne, a cute tote with our new monogram, and best of all, the book The Five Love Languages. Have you heard of this book? Have you read it?

I’d known about it for quite some time and meant to read it, but I never got around to it until after we were married and it’s a great read — whether your married or not! It opened my eyes to what makes me tick and the same for Rob.

My love language is quality time and to narrow it down even further, my love language is quality experiences. Do you know what yours is? You can take this quiz here to figure it out, but still read the book as it gives you a much deeper understanding of them all! I remember reading through each section thinking, ‘maybe this is mine’ and then I hit the quality time chapter and it was like, oh duh. All of the answers — right here.

Date night is really one my favorite quality experiences that we have together. Travel is a close second, but obviously we can’t do that as often as going out together for dinner and drinks. I always find that we have our very best conversations and connections over an intimate meal (Tango Sur is still our favorite spot) and a cheap bottle of wine. Nothing fancy, just spending time focusing 100% on each other.

I also love date night because it’s a good excuse to get dressed up and show off a bit for your partner. For a fancier date night (or a wedding), this dress from Camilyn Beth is a show stopper! I love the low v-back and sequined details. It kinda says innocent from the front, but that you like to have a good time from the back. If sequins aren’t your thing, this scalloped-edge dress is a close second favorite of mine.

Do you know your love language? I think it’s really true that if you know your partner’s love language, you can really make each other even happier. It’s a lot of work, but aren’t your relationships worth working on? How do you like spending time with your loved one? Do they know your love language? Do you know theirs?



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