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Celery Juice Benefits: A Game Changing Health Hack

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I'm a mom of two boys living in Denver. The Fox & She is where I share my easy outfit ideas, style tips, beauty hacks and wellness tips for inspired, happier living—everyday.

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celery juice benefits

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It’s officially been two months since I started juicing celery on a daily basis. I’d tried out this wellness trend in small doses earlier in 2018, but never did longer than two weeks. In October, brain fog and exhaustion were back yet again. I was getting frustrated–would I ever kick this feeling?

I looked back and remembered the few times that I felt really great in previous months, and both times it was when I had been juicing celery. Why had I quit? We were traveling, I’d run out of celery, I’d get lazy—I could go on and on, but at the end of October, I’d had enough.

I was sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. Can you relate?

I was so sick of feeling this way, and figured it was time to commit for an extended amount of time if I really wanted to see a big change. It coincided with the arrival of the Medical Medium’s Liver Rescue book, which I quickly dove into and helped keep me motivated each morning.

So, here I am—two months in and feeling better than I have in an entire year. It feels a little bold saying that, but it’s the truth. I’m sleeping better, I have so much less brain fog (like almost none), I have more energy throughout the day, my digestion is better, my skin looks better, I’m almost never bloated and I feel like I finally have control over how I feel which is so empowering when you’ve felt like you have no control for so long. Oh, and I’m happier! And, I rarely say that in the middle of winter, haha!

Over the past few weeks I’ve been sharing more of this with you guys on Insta Stories! I’ve gotten so many messages asking about the details of why I do it, how much to juice, the health benefits and more. I’m so excited that so many of you have started doing it and I can’t wait to hear how it goes for you too! In the meantime, I wanted to have a resource here that has all the details (and I’ll continue to add them as I learn more!)

morning celery juice
how to make celery juice

Celery Juice Benefits

According to Anthony of the Medical Medium, it’s celery’s mineral salts that are responsible for it’s amazing healing powers! Here are just a few benefits:

Calms Inflammation

Celery juice’s anti inflammatory properties kill of pathogens in our gut and by doing that, calms inflammation. It’s really good for people with autoimmune diseases and gut problems like IBS, bloating and indigestion. And, it’s really great for people with skin issues like acne, psorisosis and rosacea—this was especially exciting for me as I’m always looking for ways to clear my skin.

Help Heal Gut

By killing off that bad gut bacteria, celery juice helps heal your gut which in turn boosts immunity. Our gut and immunity are closely tied together, so the healthier your gut, the healthier you’ll be!

Improves Digestion

Celery juice increases the production of bile in our stomaches which aids in healthy digestion. It speeds up digestion and gets things moving, so heads up there! It will improve digestion throughout the day and help with bloating by ridding your digestive tract of toxins and old food.

Helps to Stabilize Blood Pressure

According to this article, celery has naturally occurring sodium that’s unlike salt we get from foods. This natural sodium helps stabilize blood pressure and won’t dehydrate our organs either. It sticks to those bad salts and pulls them out and replaces it with the good minerals salts we get from celery.

Helps Get Rid of Brain Fog

Okay, this is one I’ve witnessed first hand. It doesn’t happen overnight, but within two weeks of drinking it every morning, I started feeling more clear and alert which is such a good feeling! According to this story, celery’s mineral salts help support our central nervous system which means they’re super beneficial for people with brain fog, depression and anxiety.

Chills You Out

For months, I felt stressed—all.the.time. For no real reason either! I’d tried so many different stress managing techniques—meditation, exercise, journaling, deep breathing, etc., but none of them made feel as good as when I started drinking celery juice every morning. Since it does such a good job of hydrating and cleaning our bodies, it leaves you feeling really calm.

According to this article, we hold a lot of nervousness and stress in our guts. Since celery juice restores our gut, it calms those feelings with it too. When we’re feeling less stress, there’s less pressure on our adrenal glands, so we can give them a break too!

Reduces Bloat

I never thought I was bloated before, but in these past two months, my stomach has been so much flatter, less puffy and you can actually tell that I’ve got some abs under there! Since celery is a diuretic, it helps flush out your body and rid itself of toxins. Food moves smoothly through your system and doesn’t have time to get backlogged and cause bloating. This has easily been one of the most noticeable changes since I started my journey.

Cleanses Liver & Blood

After reading Liver Rescue, I learned about how important our liver’s health is to our overall health. It’s given me a new appreciation for my body and showed me what all I can do to help cleanse my liver and the blood that’s delivering nutrients to it. Morning celery juice is one of those things that helps to get rid of unproductive bacteria and strengthen our immune system.


Celery is mostly water, so it makes it a very hydrating drink, which is exactly what our bodies need first thing in the morning. Water is also hydrating, but what it lacks are all the amazing vitamins and mineral salts that celery juice provides. According to this article, celery juice has vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B6, and vitamin C, as well as folic acid, potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphorous, and sodium. Make sure you’re getting both though because water is still incredibly important!

If you want to read more about the science behind it, I highly recommend this article, which is where I got most of my info!

celery juice for glowing skin
healhy mornings

Celery Juicing

Now that I’ve convinced you (at least I hope so!), let’s talk about the actual juicing because I get so many questions on this subject.

Which juicer to use?

First, let’s start with the actual juicer. I bought this one on Amazon for about $55. It’s been great and is easy to clean. Lately, I’ve read more on how masticating juicers are better because they keep the fruits and veggies colder, and they have the added bonus of not being as loud. I may upgrade mine eventually, but for now, it works just fine, so I’m sticking to it!

If you don’t have a juicer and don’t want to invest in one, you can blend celery in a high-power blender and strain it through a mesh sieve or nut milk bag for the same effect. I did this for a couple of days and found it to be way too much work, so I just bought a juicer.

Celery & Prep

At the beginning of the week, I stock up on fresh, organic celery—typically $2.50 per bunch. Occasionally my store doesn’t have organic, so I’ll buy conventional, but I like to get organic whenever I can. When I get home, I wash it all and have been cutting the root ends off and then cutting the celery stalks into thirds so it easily fits into my juicer. I have a big food storage container I keep in the fridge so my morning juice prep is super easy!

How much celery to juice?

The Medical Medium suggests 2 cups of celery juice on an empty stomach, but I find for me, 1 1/2 cups is better—two cups is a little hard on my system, but I’m working up to it!

On average, one bunch (minus the root end that I cut off) gets me 2 cups, so three bunches will usually last me 3-4 days. It depends because some bunches are larger than others. I haven’t counted the number of celery stalks, but I’d guess it was 12-15! Since my celery is pre-prepped, I just keep adding it to the juicer until I hit that 1 1/2 cups mark.

Do you add anything to it?

I don’t, and according to the Medical Medium, plain celery juice is best on it’s own. No need to add any water or anything else! That being said, it’s an acquired taste (though, if you like celery, then you’ll like it). You can add cucumber, apple, ginger, lemon and herbs like parsley and cilantro if you like too. Every once and a while we’ll have extra of those items so I switch it up, but for the most part, I keep it to celery juice only, or mostly celery juice.

Often in the afternoon, I’ll have another juice and that’s when I’ll mix in other things. Turmeric, carrot and grapefruit are a few of my other favorite things to add!


Can I drink water before my celery juice?

Yes, and it’s encouraged! I actually drink 16-32oz. of lemon water and wait about 20-30 minutes before drinking my celery juice. I find that spacing it out a bit keeps my body from feeling overwhelmed by the sudden onslaught of liquids first thing in the morning.

Can I juice all my juice at the beginning of the week?

This is probably the most common question I get, which makes sense. Juicers can be a pain to clean, but as soon as you juice your celery it starts losing nutrients and oxidizing, which is why I juice mine fresh every morning. If you don’t have time for that, it will still be beneficial, but not quite as potent.

While the juicer does seem like a pain, it honestly doesn’t take that long to clean. I timed it and it was 2 minutes! Not bad at all!

Should I eat breakfast after celery juice?

Celery does not have many calories, so yes, I still eat breakfast. I wait at least 20 minutes before I have breakfast and lately have been having either chopped fruit or a fruit smoothie with a teaspoon of spirulina added. Our bodies run off of glucose and fruit gives our body healthy sugars to run on while also providing additional hydration. Fruits also have lots of antioxidant nutrients that help cleanse our bodies

What if I can’t drink my celery juice in the morning?

That’s fine! Just make sure you drink your celery juice at least 30 minutes before or after you’ve eaten.

How To Add More Celery To Your Diet

Celery juice is so powerful, but so is celery in it’s real form!

Add to salads

I love the crunch of fresh, raw celery in my salad! It has a nice clean taste and is an easy way to get more celery into your diet. If chunks of raw celery are too much for you, try slicing them very thin or just using the celery leaves!

Cook with it

So many foods including soups, stews and sauces start with a basic mirepoix of celery, onion and carrot. It’s an easy way to squeeze in more veggies and fiber and to get more celery into your diet. Try adding to other foods like stir fries, pasta dishes and

Snack on it

Lately, I’ve been packing snacks for myself to take on my work days to make sure I have something healthy to grab in a pinch. I often keep dates, apples and celery sticks on hand.

Blend it into a smoothie

Add celery to your green detox smoothie for added fiber and hydration.

I hope this answers more of your questions on celery juice, why I drink it and how to best make it! If you start making celery juice too, tag me in your posts on Instagram, I love seeing you guys doing it too!

P.S. If you’re not sold, take a look at some real before and after’s from the Medical Medium on Instagram. They’re wild! I’m talking horrible eczema all over your body, and months later, perfectly glowing skin—all because of drinking celery juice (check out this before and after). These people also cleaned up their diet in a major way too, but celery juice was the drink they started with every morning.

BTW, how to balance your hormones naturally, and 6 gut-healing tips to boost your health.



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