Pumpkin Pancakes

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My eyes gently blink open. Still blurry with sleep, I notice the room is mostly dark thanks to our heavy curtains, but light peeks around the edges casting the softest glow over our bedroom. Everything is peaceful and quiet. I smile to myself and roll over to check the time—10am. I roll back over and close my eyes again. What’s the rush? It’s Saturday.

I love the way weekend mornings begin, especially in the fall and winter. There’s no screaming alarm punctuating my sleep cycle, and the sense of urgency that comes with week day mornings is absent. Plus, I’m in no rush to get outside when I know it’s cold and windy.

There was a period last year when I thought my days of sleeping late were over, but the past few months have proved me wrong, and I’m not complaining. It reminds me of being a child, when nothing could rouse me from my dream-like state except for the smell of bacon snaking it’s way up the staircase.

saturday morning

[one-half-first]pajama pants[/one-half-first][one-half]cozy sweater slippers[/one-half]

pumpkin pancakes

fall weekends mornings

Before I emerge from our cave of a bedroom, I slip on my comfiest loungewear that recently arrived from Lemon Collections. These pants are so soft, and the socks and sweater are extra cozy for cool mornings. If you’re looking for some easy, yet chic pajamas for this holiday season, (Christmas morning, maybe?) you need these! I also got a pair of socks that look so cute layered underneath your favorite boots, or just for wearing around the house like I’ve been doing with these mukluks.

Once I’m dressed, the next phase of Saturday begins. I head straight for the coffee maker after giving Oliver a good morning snuggle and start thinking about food. As much as we love meeting friends out for brunch, during the colder months, we prefer staying at home and making our own version. Personally, I always think our homemade brunches are better than anything we could get at a restaurant—and you can wear your slippers!

cozy tall socks

fall brunch ideas

[one-half-first]pumpkin pancakes recipe[/one-half-first][one-half]chunky knit socks[/one-half]

cable knit sweater and pajama pants

I’m not usually a pancake fan, but lately these pumpkin pancakes have been on regular rotation! They’re so delicious and really easy. You can find the recipe below if you’re interested! I always love being in the kitchen with Rob on the weekends. I’ll be chopping veggies for a scramble or making batter for pancakes while he’s making coffee. Sure, it’s nothing too crazy, but I love it.

Bundled up in cozy, comfortable clothes always makes me want to stay there all day. Even after breakfast, our lazy morning continues. I make my way to the couch with another cappuccino and a stack of holiday catalogs to browse while Rob flips through to find a good movie or football game to watch.

I really hope these slow mornings continue throughout the fall and winter. They make me feel so relaxed and at peace with the world, anyone else?! I’ll see you tomorrow, Saturday!

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BTW, a recipe for pumpkin coffee cake, and the best tips for worry-free entertaining.

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