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how to make a matcha latte

healthy matcha latte recipe—make it an iced matcha latte for summer

I know, I know! I’m late to the matcha party. Like, really late, but I’m here now and I’m all in! Have you tried matcha yet? The color alone should have been enough to make me love it. Green is my favorite color, FYI. It’s the most brilliant shade of green and makes me feel healthier before I even take my first sip.

I kept hearing how delicious matcha lattes were, and I had a whole canister of Vital Proteins Collagen Matcha so I finally decided I’d make one. The verdict—they’re so delicious! I wasn’t expecting to like it as much as I do, but omg, do yourself a favor and try one if you haven’t yet.

You can get them at most coffee shops these days, but often they’re made with lots of added sugar or sweeteners. Making them at home is not only more cost-effective, but you’ll end up with a healthier version and you can tailor it to your own taste!

So, what is matcha? It’s made from crushed whole green tea leaves. It gives you an energy boost from naturally occurring caffeine, but not quite as much as a cup of coffee. I like this because I know that too much caffeine can put stress on my adrenals—something I’m trying to heal right now!

matcha latte recipe

Matcha Benefits

Another upside is that you don’t get the same caffeine crash as you would from a cup of coffee. Matcha has an amino acid in it called L-theanine, that helps boost energy and mental focus! I find that the caffeine buzz from matcha is more subtle and lasts longer. Rather than being a spike of energy, it’s more like a soft curve that doesn’t leave me feeling depleted as soon as the effects wear off.

Matcha is also super high in antioxidants—the color should have given that away. It aids in detoxifying our bodies and can improve skin—who can say no to that?!

How to Drink It

You can of course drink matcha in the traditional manner, as a tea, but I like drinking it in the latte form. It’s creamier, filling and so delicious! Not to mention, easy to make! To get some extra healthy fats, I add coconut oil to my matcha lattes. It makes them extra rich and creamy, which I love!

I know I probably won’t ever give up on coffee completely. Having a warm drink in the morning just sets my day off on the right note—anyone else? I love tea, but it just doesn’t hit the spot for me. I think it’s because it’s lacking the creaminess that both coffee and matcha lattes provide.

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Why I’m Switching Coffee for Matcha

As I work to heal my adrenal fatigue and low blood sugar, I’m really trying to cut back on my caffeine intake. Caffeine can stimulate your adrenal glands and raise cortisol levels causing more stress within our bodies. If you read this post, you might remember that stress is a major problem for me and is the main cause of all of the health issues I’ve been experiencing.

Since matcha has less caffeine than my normal cappuccino and all those extra benefits I mentioned above, I’m trying to stick to matcha lattes for a few weeks and see how I feel!

matcha latte recipe and ingredients

How to Make a Matcha Latte

It’s easy, but I’ve come to love this little part of my morning routine. Mixing all the ingredients, frothing it and then pouring that gorgeous green drink into my mug before sitting down on the couch and enjoying a few minutes of quiet while Owen naps.

I mix my matcha in this glass measuring cup—nothing fancy, but it does the trick. You can buy the traditional whisk, but I use a fork and then froth it, so it gets nice and blended anyway.

Once the water is boiling, I pour a little over the matcha and cinnamon and whisk it with my fork until it’s all dissolved. I add coconut oil or coconut butter and honey and the rest of the hot water and mix until it’s melted.

vital proteins collagen matcha latte

Then I add macadamia nut milk—I love Milkadamia—but any nut milk would do! I’ve tried it with Califia Farms almond milk as well and it’s very yummy too.

Lastly, I pour it all into my Nespresso milk frother. No, frothing matcha lattes is not what this frother was intended to do, but it works and I didn’t want to buy another one. You can use a handheld frother or the traditional whisk! I just figured the whisk option would end with me ruining all my clothes with green stains.

Matcha Latte Recipe

• 1 scoop Vital Proteins Collagen Matcha
• dash of cinnamon
• 3/4 cup water
• 1 Tbsp coconut oil or coconut butter (manna)
• 1/2 tsp honey
• 1/4 cup macadamia nut milk (I love

Combine matcha and cinnamon. Pour in a little boiling water and whisk until matcha is dissolved. Add remaining water, coconut oil and honey.
Lastly, add milk and use a milk frother or blender to make it frothy!
Serve hot, or let cool and serve iced.

Have you tried matcha tea or matcha lattes? What do you think of them? How much caffeine do you consume in a day?

BTW, bun-less greek burgers, and quinoa fried rice.

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