This post is most definitely not what you’re thinking. It’s more about my relationship with colors. Pink to be exact.

Neutral colors are my friends. I love a pop of color, but generally in the past I’ve kept things relatively, well, neutral. I’d like to think that my place has always been well-decorated and organized, but nothing too far out of the ordinary. But lately, I’ve been flirting with bolder, brighter things, colors and ideas. I blame Pinterest.

{ our new front door }

I’ve really never been much of a pink fan, but suddenly it has stolen my heart. And I finally made a big commitment to the color by painting the interior side of our front door a rosy shade of ‘Watermelon Pink’ (by Behr, you can find it at Home Depot).

{ a close up and better representation of the color }

It’s the perfect pop of cheer that shows off my roommate’s girly personality and my new love of the unexpected things that make our place unique.

We still have half a quart of pink paint left… who knows what that could mean.

Have a cheery weekend!

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