DIY: Tile Coasters

I’m always looking for inexpensive ways to add a unique touch to my apartment and these fit the bill. Seriously, do you know how cheap bathroom tiles are? About 29 cents a piece. I already had the paint so all that was left to buy was Polyurethane, painter’s tape and felt. The last which I actually forgot to stick on before taking these pictures, please excuse.

Decide on several different patterns, or do one and paint each tile a different color. Or mix and match — it’s up to you. I decided to do one color, but several patterns. BTW. Chevron was a struggle, the tiles are kinda small and the smallest width tape they make is 1 inch when 1/2 inch tape really would have been perfect. You can always cut the tape in half or fold it be smaller like the one on the right. Nevertheless, tape them all up!

Choose a color of acrylic paint. I HIGHLY recommend painting a test swatch because a lot of the colors dry quite differently. Originally the pink turned out almost red. Not what I was going for — at all. The trick here is to paint one layer and gently pull of the tape while the paint is STILL WET! Then once the first coat dries, come back and carefully paint a 2nd and 3rd coat, if necessary.

My Mess-Up: I waited for them to completely dry the first time and when I pulled the tape off, the paint came with it. What a bummer after all that taping! Just take it off while it’s wet and save yourself the sadness.

After the tops had dried, I painted the edges with a gold metallic acrylic!

After the acrylic has fully dried, I’d let it dry at least overnight, top it with 2 coats of Polyurethane. Don’t use a good brush when doing this. A cheap foam one is best because the Polyurethane can ruin it if you don’t have paint thinner standing by (which I didn’t). After the first coat, let it dry for at least 4 hours before painting the second one. Let them dry overnight and adhere felt to the bottom to avoid scratches. I used felt that was sticky on one side — EASY!

Finally, use them and get used to people asking, ‘Where did you get those?!’

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