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Essential Oils for Energy

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I'm a mom of two boys living in Denver. The Fox & She is where I share my easy outfit ideas, style tips, beauty hacks and wellness tips for inspired, happier living—everyday.

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Ever since Owen was born, I’ve struggled with energy. Actually, when I really think about, energy has always been a struggle for me. I remember my mom telling me that I complained about being tired too much. Looking back, it’s probably something that I’ve always struggled with, but I’m finally realizing that it’s not something I have to live with forever!

Learning to give myself a break and generally taking much better care of myself has greatly improved my energy this past year. I still have days where I feel like my energy is low, but I’ve come a long way and I’m encouraged to keep working towards a more energetic self!

One tool I’ve been using more regularly to support my energy is essential oils. I bought an essential oil starter kit not too long ago and I’m slowly learning more and more how to incorporate them into my life and how they can be beneficial.

One of my favorite ways to use them has been in DIY projects like my DIY skin serums. I still use my “Clear” serum every morning and have seen a big change in my skin in the past few months. I made some big changes to my skincare routine (all the details here) that has helped to start repairing my moisture barrier and healing my skin on a deep level!

I also use lavender essential oil on my temples every night before bed, as well as diffusing it. I swear it makes me falls asleep so much faster because it makes me so calm and relaxed.

What I’ve learned is that essential oils can be used so many ways to support your overall health. Everything from sleep, to mood, to energy, to stress relief. There’s a reason aromatherapy is a real thing—scent is such a powerful sense and can totally change our moods!

I’ve started utilizing these oils to help boost my mood and give me an energy boost in the middle of the day. It’s helped and if nothing else, makes my home smell pretty fantastic!

There are so many different oils out there that it can be overwhelming to figure out what’s best for different needs, so I wanted to round up the top oils for energy in one place! I’d love to hear your favorites too, so if you have any, please leave them in the comments!

Essential Oils For Energy

There are so many different essential oils that can give you a boost of energy. I think a lot depends on how a specific oil makes YOU feel. Scent is so powerful and can stir up past emotions and feelings. For me, that’s where some of the energy boosting comes from! Here are a few of the best essentials oils for energy.


Lemon essential oil is an oil that I use on a regular basis. For me, this has been one of the most versatile and most used oils—probably because I need all the help I can get in the energy department. I often put a drop or two in warm or chilled water for a lemony boost. Honestly, it gives me the same energy that a cup of coffee would—plus, no caffeine!

Citrus always gives me such a good boost, especially first thing in the morning. It’s also really nice in the diffuser with some peppermint too! I’ve used it in DIY serums as well since citrus is so great for your skin.


Just like I love lemon, orange essential oil is another great citrus smell and I love diffusing this one in the morning. It makes me feel like I’m somewhere tropical and for whatever reason helps me make healthier choices all day.

You can ingest this one as well, but personally, I love it diffused with a drop or 2 of clove mixed in. Remember when you were a kid and stuck dried cloves into oranges around Christmas? This smells like that, but even better because it permeates the whole house!

Another great one to add to your DIY skincare as well! It’s antiseptic and and anti-inflammatory which makes it great, especially for those with troubled skin.


This joy essential oil blend of several different essential oils and has such an amazing floral scent. It helps me stay positive and productive. It’s a really relaxing oil to me.

Rob finds it to be a little too girly, which is fine, but for me, it reminds me of being in a garden outside and that’s a pretty awesome feeling for me. I also will apply this topically and just dab a drop on my wrists and wear it as perfume.


Peppermint essential oil is one of the best oils for energy in my opinion. It’s so invigorating, whether you diffuse it or put a drop in your mint tea (I do recommend using a straw, because it can burn your lips a little). If you want to use it topically, which can be great for getting rid of headaches or easing pain, make sure to mix it with a carrier oil like coconut, jojoba, or sweet almond.

It’s also a really great one for diffusing! Just add a few drops to your diffuser and turn it on for a calming, but energizing scent.


One of my favorite cleansing scents. I love diffusing this lemongrass essential oil first thing in the morning and right after I’ve done a deep clean of our home. It gives me such a boost of energy with its citrusy and woodsy scent. It’s a strong scent, so personally I like to diffuse this one instead of applying it topically.


I haven’t actually tried this cinnamon essential oil, but I love cinnamon in my smoothies and coffees, so I can imagine that this scent diffused would be wonderful—especially in the winter months!

In a diffuser, mix a 4 drops of orange and 1-2 drops cinnamon (or clove) for a super amazing scent! I especially love this one when it’s cold because it reminds me of Christmas at my parents house.


Another amazing citrus scent—grapefruit essential oil! What is it about the smell of citrus oils that just reminds me of a sunny day and summertime?! Either way, I love it! On days when it’s not sunny, it always gives me just the extra push to get my day started and stay positive (grey days are hard for me).

You can ingest this by adding to a glass of water, or mix with coconut oil and apply to your skin! Gorgeous skin and an awesome scent? Yes, please!


Sort of like lemongrass, I love the clean, invigorating scent of this eucalyptus essential oil. It’s amazing diffused. Try turning on your shower and once the water is hot, drop a few drops onto the floor and then hop in. The steam of the shower gives your shower a total spa feeling.

It has a reinvigorating scent that will definitely wake you up first thing in the morning. Just keep a small bottle in your shower for a nice spa experience every morning.


Rosemary essential oil is a really nice earthy, woodsy oil that I love using for energy, but also to help relax me. Studies show that this anti-inflammatory essential oil can help detoxify the liver which is amazing.

Our livers are responsible for filtering everything we put in our bodies and when they get backed up, the harder they have to work, which can make you feel worn out or even fatigued. Aiding the liver’s detoxification will help boost your energy levels as well.

When applied topically, make sure to mix with a carrier oil. You could mix a few drops with jojoba oil and rub it on your stomach around your liver, or diffuse it.


While, I typically use lavender essential oil at night, it’s great for using really any time of the day. The calming effects of lavender are what makes it one of my favorite and most used oils, it totally helps lower my blood pressure when I find myself getting worked up. Sometimes, I’ll just open the bottle, close my eyes and take a few deep breathes. It’s pretty crazy how instantaneously I feel calmer.

I typically use lavender at night because it helps with reducing stress and smells great. I put a few drops on my temples and rub the excess across my chest. I close my eyes and take a few deep breathes. Since using it regularly, I’ve found that I fall asleep much faster and sleep really well.


Pine essential oil is actually one I haven’t tried, but when doing my research, it kept popping up, and it totally makes sense. I know that when I’m outdoors in nature, the smell of trees always makes me feel so grounded and replenishes my energy at a really deep level.

Pine mixes well with other earthy scents like Cedarwood (another one I LOVE) and rosemary. Personally, I love those woodsy scents since we live in the city and don’t get to be out in nature very often.

Pine can also be used topically to aid in skin issues like eczema and psoriasis and other fungal infections. It’s a great immune booster too which will in turn, help with energy.

Energizing Essential Oil Recipe

There are so many different diffuser “recipes” out there, but I love this one because it’s simple, doesn’t require a ton of different oils and these two come in the starter kit, so you’ll already have them!

  • 4 drops lemon essential oil
  • 4 drops peppermint essential oil

Add a few drops of each, about 4 of each one, to your diffuser, add water and diffuse! That simple!

How To Use The Energizing Oil Blend

I like to use this blend first thing in the morning. I’m not naturally a morning person, so that citrusy, minty bright scent really helps stimulate my senses and get me moving. You can also add this blend to a glass of water—just make sure you drink with a straw because it may sting your lips otherwise (because of the peppermint essential oil).

I also love diffusing this in the afternoon after lunch. I often hit an energy slump in the afternoon, and this is just what I need! It can uplift your mood, and give you some energy when you’re feeling tired.

BTW, how to use essential oils to support your health, and my DIY clear and glowy skin serums.



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