5 Areas of Your Life Where You Need to Be Selfish

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We’re not told to be selfish very often, are we? Nope! It’s usually the opposite! But, today, I’m giving you permission to put yourself first, because sometimes, it’s in our best interest to be a little selfish, especially in a few key areas of our lives. If we’re not, our own happiness and joy may be at risk!

Here are three ares where being selfish can actually be a really good thing!

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5 Times to Be Selfish


Your mental and physical health, that is! I learned this one the hard way. A few years back, I was not prioritizing my own health and it lead me straight to the hospital. I shared more of the back story in my health journey. I was putting my design clients above my own health and I paid the price. I honestly had no idea how devastating stress can be to our bodies and minds! Eventually, it’s what led me to close my design business for good.

I’ve since realized just how important taking care of ourselves really is and share lots of that under the wellness category! When your health is not prioritized, other areas of life tend to suffer. Things like relationships, jobs, and our self-worth. This is without a doubt one area that you should be very selfish. Maybe that means saying no to an extracurricular activity, getting up early once a week to workout, or even shutting off your phone for an hour each night to simply disconnect, relax and unwind.

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These days it’s much easier to jump from job to job, to create your own business and pave your own way, so if you’re unhappy in what you’re currently doing, stop and ask yourself why you’re doing it. Obviously there’s the main reason—you need money to live or support your family. But, couldn’t you find another job that brought you a little more joy and still provided that all essential income?

I’m so thankful to have been able to work for myself for the past 7 years, but I’ve seen Rob work in several jobs that he dislikes and I know how tough it can be to find one that you enjoy, or at least don’t totally hate!


I used to feel guilty when I’d take an hour (or two) out of my day to head upstairs alone to do a face mask, read a book and take a hot shower. Now, I make time for it any chance I get, which admittedly is less often now! Every night, I leave Rob with a bottle and let him feed Owen while I go shower and get ready for bed before his last feed of the evening. It’s short, but it’s so nice to get away from all the noise and have a bit of quiet time for myself. I know these quick little breaks that allow me to take care of myself make me a better mom and wife, because I can come back to those things feeling energized and mentally prepped instead of completely drained.

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This is not to say that you should be selfish in a relationship. In fact, I’d suggest the opposite! Relationships are a delicate balance of compromise, patience and understanding. Especially when there’s a baby in the mix! But, when it comes to relationships you make and maintain, feel free to be a little selfish and prioritize the relationships that bring you joy. When a relationship or friendship starts to feel like a burden or you leave any encounters feeling down, it might be time to say goodbye. Staying in an unhealthy relationship or friendship because you feel obligated to will not do you any good in the long run. And, chances are, it probably won’t get any better.

Passions & Hobbies

Maybe you’re not in a position to do what you love for a living. That’s totally fine and definitely not the case for most people. If you have a hobby or passion, make time for it! Traveling is one of our passions and while we haven’t gone anywhere recently, before Owen was born, we’d make plans to do a big trip every year to explore a new part of the world together. Our overseas travel will be on hold for a bit, but we plan on taking our next big trip together when Owen is one year old.

It might seem selfish, but setting aside time and money to do things that bring you joy, will make you happier overtime! Have you ever regretted spending money on something that you absolutely love doing? Probably not.

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What do you think? Is being selfish sometimes a good thing? What “selfish” things have you done to bring you more joy and happiness?

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