7 Fun Things

The past few days have been full of getting caught up and readjusting to a more normal routine—finally! I went to yoga twice (I’m so sore!) and I’m working on some really exciting content for this coming month. Last month I traveled a ton! Traveling always serves as inspiration for me, so now that I’m home and have some downtime, I’m finally putting all that inspiration onto paper, or onto the computer in this case.

This week was a good one! I also got inspired to write a new essay for my writing class, caught up with an old friend for coffee and celebrated two years of marriage to Rob.

Here’s a few more highlights from my week…

1. Whisked by Cate

naked cake

naked cake with flowers
naked cake with flowers

If you missed my post on Tuesday, it was all about things I’ve learned from marriage. Rob and I celebrated our second wedding anniversary this week over a fancy dinner that I cooked—homemade chicken empanadas, chimichurri, steak and grilled zucchini! We finished the meal with a slice of this gorgeous mini naked cake that Cate of Whisked by Cate generously gave to us for the occasion. We forgot about our wedding cake topper last year, so I was glad we could do it right this year!

Cate’s cakes are absolutely stunning. They’re simple and often decorated with flowers which I totally love. The design she made for us reminded me so much of our wedding with the white icing, gold drizzle and blush pink flowers! If you’re in Chicago, make sure to check her out for your next party!

2. Coloring Book

adult coloring book
You’ve heard of adult coloring books, right? I loved the idea, but hadn’t tried it out yet. I just received this one and played with it yesterday. It’s such a fun way to relax and feel like a kid again. I was really surprised by just how soothing it was. If you’re feeling stressed, you should definitely give it a try!

3. Envio Lungo by Nespresso

I just received an all new coffee from Nespresso! If you weren’t aware, I’m 100% obsessed with my Nespresso machine. Personally, I think it makes the best cappuccinos. Seriously, I usually prefer my Nespresso version over a coffee shop cap. This new coffee is equally as delicious and perfect for a longer cup. If you’re a Nespresso nut like me, you should try it!

4. Sunrise Yoga at Loews Hotel

My sweet friend Lauren Nolan, Lakeshore Lady, recently got her yoga teacher certification and is teaching a series of sunrise yoga classes on the roof at the Loews Hotel. I signed up for next week’s class and I can’t wait! She’s such a cheery and enthusiastic person, I can only imagine how amazing of a teacher she’ll be! The classes are only $5 and you can sign up here or get more information here.

photo: Lakeshore Lady

5. Homemade Gazpacho

easy gazpacho recipe

It’s been so hot in Chicago this week so I decided to make a big batch of gazpacho so I could have something quick, easy and yummy for lunch this week. It’s filling, but doesn’t keep you full for super long because it’s all vegetables. I added some cooked shrimp and avocado to make it more substantial. The recipe is here…

[yumprint-recipe id=’31’]

6. This Plaid Coat

I’m always freezing in winter, so I stock up on cool coats so I don’t get sick of wearing the same ones over and over again. I saw this one at the Nordstrom Sale and immediately bought it! I’m so obsessed! Dare I say I’m looking forward to cold weather?!

7. Lollapalooza

This weekend is Lollapalooza! We’re heading there tonight and then tomorrow too. It’s been two years since I’ve been and I’m looking forward to a relaxing few days outside listening to great music! Hoping it’s not too hot. Follow along on Instagram and Snapchat (thefoxandshe)!

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