4 Things I’m Most Looking Forward to This Year

white eyelet dress

DRESS: Eyelet Tie Front Dress, also love this one and this one | SHOES: Suede Lace-Up Sandals, also in black | BAG: Escapade Bag

Two weeks ago I turned 30, and while it passed quickly, I’ve been taking some time to think about what’s to come in the new decade—this year in particular. I never thought 30 sounded old, but I do feel like a new level of maturity is suddenly expected of me even though I don’t feel any older. Ha! Here’s what I’m looking forward to most this year!

1. My Work

I know it sounds crazy, but each year, this blog evolves a bit and these past few months it’s felt the most like me. My content has been the most honest, passionate and fulfilling that I’ve ever put out there and I truly hope that you guys have enjoyed it because I’ve been having a blast! The addition of wellness, health and clean beauty has been so fun because it’s become a serious obsession for me. I’ve loved sharing my journey with you and can’t wait to share more. I have some really awesome stuff coming early next week (!!!!) that I absolutely cannot wait to finally share with you. If wellness, and generally feeling your best, is important to you, you’re going to love it!



green shoes

suede crossbody bag

white dress for bachelorette party
summer outfit

2. Blogging for Keeps

Guys, there’s some big big stuff happening over at Blogging 4 Keeps today! Jess and I have been working our butts off the past two months to make stuff happen and if you’re on our email list (you can sign up here), we’re sharing something extra special for a limited time. If you’re a blogger, I highly recommend you sign up to see what we’ve got up our sleeves!

I haven’t worked this hard in a long time, and while I’m exhausted, it’s been so much fun and worth every second. I got to do a little design work without the added stress of clients and tight deadlines and the final product is pretty amazing! I think you’re going to love it! Again, bloggers, sign up for our mini-course for some exciting goodies! Oh, and you can also join our BFK BFFs Facebook Group that already has over 300 members!



white eyelet dress

outfits for summer
what to wear in summer

tie front dress

3. Our New Home

A few weeks ago we moved! We’re still in Chicago, just a new neighborhood. We’d been in Streeterville for three years and while we loved our light-filled high rise, I was craving more space and a slower, more relaxed neighborhood feel. Working from home and not having any storage or a separate office space was starting to wear on me. I also really missed having neighbors who you actually meet and talk to! Walking out my front door to a cute tree-lined street for my morning walks has been one of my favorite things so far. Each morning starts slower, more peaceful and relaxed and I can already feel myself falling into a better, more balanced groove—which makes me insanely happy! When we were looking for a new place, we weren’t exactly sure what we wanted, but this ended up being the first and last place we looked which was so lucky!

Our new place has three bedrooms and two floors—the most space I’ve ever had in a Chicago apartment! The top floor was once an attic (I think), but has since been converted into a master suite. We have a big bedroom, gorgeous bathroom and we each have our own walk-in closet—something I’ve seriously missed from my single days! One of the extra bedrooms now serves as my office. I love that I can just turn the lights out and close the door at the end of the day and just relax. The last bedroom will come in handy in a few months because…

4. A New Addition

I’m pregnant! This year might be the biggest of all because we’re expecting our first baby. Could you tell? I’m thrilled to finally be sharing the news with you guys because it’s been tough keeping it a secret for so long.

pregnant style blogger
pregnancy announcement

When we decided I’d go off the pill, I have to admit that I was really nervous. I’ve had so many friends and read about many bloggers who struggled with getting and/or staying pregnant. Those stories break my heart and if you’re in that spot right now, you’re in my thoughts and prayers. Honestly, I expected it to take up to a year to get pregnant and when we found out shortly after we started trying, I was in shock. Despite the surprise, we feel so incredibly blessed to be growing our family and can’t wait to meet our little one next fall!

Right now I’m 18 weeks and have felt pretty great the whole time! I only had a few rough days during my first trimester, but I’m feeling 100% now! I finally have a bump, albeit small, but my jeans are starting to get tight. I’ve been living in dresses like this white eyelet one that are loose around my stomach. I absolutely love the tie-front detail and it reminds me so much of this dress I wore earlier this spring. I fell in love with these statement sandals and have been wearing them every chance I get. The best part is that the heel isn’t too high, so they’ll be comfortable for walking to dinner and around the neighborhood!

With the move and the empty extra bedroom, it’s all finally starting to feel real. I’ll be filling you in with a lot more details next week, so if you have any specific questions you want to ask, leave them below and I’ll include as many as possible in next week’s weekly newsletter— subscribe here if you haven’t already!

BTW, white slip dress, and my spring dress code.

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