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Over the past few months, I’ve been slowing cleaning out my beauty cabinet and replacing older, toxic products with cleaner and safer ones. I’ve made some big strides so far, but still have plenty of areas that could use some work. One of my more recent changes was one that I held off on for a long time—the switch to natural deodorant. Have you considered it? Or made the switch yourself?

Most of the deodorants you buy at the drugstore are actually deodorants and antiperspirants. To be honest, I didn’t even realize there was a difference between deodorant and antiperspirants until this year! Did you? Deodorant protects against stinky odor, while antiperspirant keeps you from sweating profusely. While the latter sounds pretty appealing, I’m starting to second guess it.

Our skin is our body’s largest organ and is responsible for ridding us of toxins—through sweat. So, wouldn’t something that kept my body from performing it’s natural functions actually be detrimental? Even worse is that antiperspirants use aluminum, which has been linked to breast cancer, to temporarily plug your armpits and keep you from sweating. Yikes, right?!

After learning that and wanting to make choices that allow my body to function at its absolute best, I decided I’d give natural deodorant a try. I won’t lie, I hadn’t heard the best things about it and was worried I’d suddenly become a recluse because I was too embarrassed to go in public. I’m not a very sweaty person to begin with, but I was still nervous! Here’s what happened:

Natural Deodorant Fail

For my first try, I popped down to Whole Foods and bought a stick of Tom’s. I’d done a little research, and the feelings were mixed on this brand. Some people swore by it, while others went off about how terrible it was. There was only one way to know for sure!

Well, the people that said it was awful were right. For me, it didn’t work at all. I smelled TERRIBLE!!! Even on days where I didn’t do a lot of physical activity, I smelled as if I’d run a half-marathon. I was really trying to give a solid try though, so I kept at it, stinky pits and all for several weeks. Finally, I couldn’t take it anymore. I was getting embarrassed when I was out with friends and would walk around with my arms glued to my sides. As much as I wanted this one to work, it wasn’t worth my sanity or confidence! I tossed it, went back to my old antiperspirant in the meantime and searched further.

natural deodorant that really works

Natural Deodorant Win!

One day the answer landed right in my lap. I was browsing my internet-friend’s (Caroline) blog, Colorful Eats. She recently moved to Spain (so jealous) and has a serious passion for health and wellness. One of her posts was about a natural deodorant called Primally Pure, which she claimed worked. I figured it couldn’t hurt to try, so I bought it!

It’s been over a month and I’m hooked. Here’s the thing though—you will sweat. But, that’s natural and completely normal since it’s one of your body’s main ways to get rid of toxins! It smells amazing and promises to have a cumulative effect. The longer you use it, the better it works. From my experience so far, that’s the truth.

I’m nearly finished with my first stick and just ordered two more! I personally love the lavender scent, but they also have a tea tree and lemongrass scent, as well as an unscented option. Guys, I love this stuff! Best of all, this natural deodorant actually works. Despite getting good and sweaty at the pool one day, I was blown away to come inside, cool off and find that my underarms smelled, well, like nothing at all. Another added benefit is that my armpits feel more moisturized and smooth than they ever did before!

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Have you tried natural deodorant? Have you found any brands that work well?

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