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Gift Guide: Him

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gift ideas for men, gift guide for guys

1. Holiday Socks | 2. Kore Shorts | 3. Fisherman Jacket | 4. Hoodie | 5. Nordic Boots | 6. Airpods | 7. A Man & His Car Book | 8. Air Fryer | 9. Commuter Gloves | 10. Pegasus Running Shoe | 11. Quarter Zip Fleece | 12. Killshot Sneaker | 13. Star Wars Ice Molds | 14. Novel Duffle Bag

Is it just me, or are guys the hardest to shop for!? I always have such a hard time shopping for Rob because half the time he just buys what he wants before I can do it.

I know you guys feel the same, because this was one of the most requested gift guides ever! I picked some items that Rob already loves, some items he’s asking for, plus some items that I loved too.

I’m actually finishing up my holiday shopping this week and I’m so excited that I’ll just be able to slow down and enjoy the holiday season!

Have you started your holiday shopping yet? If you need more ideas, click here for more of my gift guides!

BTW, what’s your favorite holiday tradition, and affordable holiday decor.



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