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Gift Guide: Wellness Lovers

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I'm a mom of two boys living in Denver. The Fox & She is where I share my easy outfit ideas, style tips, beauty hacks and wellness tips for inspired, happier living—everyday.

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Wellness gift guide

I always love putting together a wellness gift guide because it’s this time of year when I weirdly start getting motivated to eat healthier, move my body more and generally feel my best!

I think it’s because this time of year also coincides with cold and flu season, so giving myself a leg up is always a good idea! I included some of my favorite wellness items, plus some things that are on my list this year!

Wellness Gift Guide

1. On Cloud Sneakers: I haven’t personally tried these, but I’ve heard amazing things about this brand for runners and working out in general!

2. Vitamix: Probably my number one wellness product—we use our Vitamix every single day, sometimes more than once. It’s the best blender you can buy and makes the creamiest green smoothies. It’s absolutely worth the investment!

3. Align Tank: This is on my list! I love that the shape of this tank. It’s perfect for my favorite workouts (which is another gift ideas down the list!)

4. Ultimate Renewal Bath Set: This set comes with a body scrub, body oil and a body brush. Body brushing helps with lymphatic drainage and gets rid of dead skin so your skin will be glowing all winter long!

5. Align Leggings: The best pair of leggings I’ve ever bought! Yes, they’re pricey, but they’re so comfortable. They stretch, but don’t stretch out either. I wore them throughout my pregnancy and they still fit perfectly.

6. Long Sleeve Tie Back Shirt: This one is such a good price and so cute! I love the sheer on the back and the tie makes it more stylish.

7. Hydroflask Water Bottle: The only way I stay on top of my hydration goals! Keeps water cold or hot and holds 32oz. I aim for 3 a day!

8. Melissa Wood Health Subscription: My FAVORITE workouts! I signed up for MWH last winter when I was pregnant and without the pandemic, it’s been a staple every week for me. Very little equipment is needed and she just makes you feel amazing! Plus, a subscription has recipes and meditations too!

9. Bala Ankle Weights: The perfect add-on gift to that MWH subscription! These are the ankle weights she uses and are on my list this year!

10. FitBit Inspire HR: I’ve come to love this thing! It’s just the easiest reminder to get out and move my body more each day. I also love that it tracks workouts and sleep to make it easy to hit goals.

11. Colorfulkoala Leggings: My second favorite pair of leggings! These fit just like the Align pants, but are a fraction of the cost. They don’t have quite the same stretch as the Align ones, but are so amazing! I have 2 pairs!

12. Gloves: Anyone else always freezing?! These are perfect for walks or runs in the winter.

13. Down for It All Jacket: A cozy puffer for winter walks, hikes or runs!

14. Leather Yoga Mat Strap: For the girl who has it all, this leather yoga mat strap is gorgeous! You can have it monogrammed too.

15. Equilibria Box: When I’m officially DONE with breastfeeding, I’ll be back to taking Equilibria daily. It made such a big difference in my sleep and stress levels on a daily basis. I think everyone could use this after this year.

16. Yoga Mat: Perfect for anyone who’s taken up working out at home and needs some freshening up to their home gym!

17. Otherland Clean Candles: I adore these candles! They have amazing scents and are formulated without sulfates, phthalates and parabens and and are made with soy and coconut wax with cotton wicks.

18. Stone Diffuser: I don’t use my diffuser much in the summer, but I love using it in the winter! Maybe because the winter scents are my favorite?! We’re spending more time inside and this helps purify the air and set the mood, plus it looks gorgeous on the table!

Here’s to living your best, happiest and healthiest life this coming year!

BTW, homemade immunity shots recipe, and the best Amazon workout clothes under $25.



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