Gift Ideas for your Guy (or Brother!)

1. Thermal Heavyweight Sweater | 2. Alpaca Scarf | 3. Fleece Zip Hoodie | 4. Fleece Jogger Pants | 5. Royale Sneaker | 6. Sherpa Zip-Front Vest | 7. Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones | 8. Passport Wallet | 9. Air Max Sneaker | 10. Modern Flannel Shirt | 11. Cotton Henley | 12. Nylon Weekender Bag | 13. Counterman Travel Set | 14. Vestmar Plain Toe Boot | 15. Cut Crystal Rocks Glass | 16. Cashmere Crew | 17. A Man & His Watch

Holy heck, I can’t believe that I’m posting my first holiday gift guide of the season! This time last year, I was in the hospital giving birth to Owen! He was born at 11:59am and if you’re interested, his whole birth story is right here.

This year, things look really different. We’re celebrating his first birthday tonight with just the three of us and have a little party happening this weekend!

But, onto today! In this year’s reader survey (thanks for all of you who answered it!), the number one person you needed help shopping for was your husband, fiancé, boyfriend and brother, and I get it. Rob is always the hardest person for me to shop for! Every time I ask him what he wants, he says he doesn’t know, then a week before Christmas he drops some great ideas on me, but at that point, it’s too late, haha! This year, I made him sit down with me and help pick out this year’s gift guide for him because I wanted to make sure that everything in here is something your guy will actually love!

So, without further ado, let’s get to it! P.S. You can click on any of the items in the collage above to shop them!

Gifts for Him

Sweaters & Outerwear

If you live somewhere cold, you pretty much can’t go wrong with sweaters, vests, a good-looking coat or a scarf. These are things I’ve found that Rob doesn’t like to buy for himself, but he wears them constantly.

I love this heavyweight knit sweater (comes in more colors) and this cozy vest. Everytime I put this vest (from this post) on, he’s like, oh man, I really need something like that, ha! When it’s really cold here, Rob also wears his grey scarf everywhere. I never even thought about buying him a scarf until he reminded me how often he wears the single one he has—note to self, get Rob another scarf.

A good winter coat is great gift. Rob bought a nice wool winter coat from J.Crew a few years ago and it’s perfect for work stuff or when we go out because it looks so much better than a puffy coat. Lastly, these sweatpants. Technically they don’t fall under this category, but whatever. I got Rob a pair of sweatpants a few years ago and he wears them every single weekend and on weeknights! They’re a simple, but great gift! And, a good way to have your guy ditch his old baggy pair from high school.

Sneakers & Boots

When it comes to footwear, Rob is almost ALWAYS in sneakers. And, in the winter, he wears his boots a lot too. Instead of letting your guy go out in his athletic sneakers, get him some that are actually meant to wear with everyday clothes. Rob just got these white sneakers from GREATS and he loves them! They do run a bit big, so order a half size down from his normal size. They look great with chinos and jeans and definitely make him look like a very cool and stylish dad.

Rob’s on the hunt for new winter boots and I think these look great! They’re simple, no frills, made from beautiful brown leather and the sole isn’t super chunky, which is what he hates about most boots.


I swear, Rob is constantly wearing the same 5 shirts over and over again, which isn’t that big of a deal, but it’s good to have some variety too. We’re not super fancy people, like, at all. So, other than work shirts, all of his shirts are pretty casual. A few years ago, I got him a grey henley and he still wears it all the time. His other go-to winter shirt? A plaid flannel. Looks great under vests and hoodies too!

Tech & Travel

Before Owen, we traveled a lot more! We still do travel a lot, but our trips haven’t been quite as exotic, ha! If you travel internationally, a good-looking leather passport wallet is ideal. Rob has had one for years and he loves it. Nice, noise-cancelling headphones are also great for long trips and even business trips if you’re guy has to travel a lot for work!

For quick weekend trips, Rob has a weekender bag just like this one. It’s the perfect size for throwing in a few outfits, an extra pair of shoes and his toiletries. This men’s travel set would be a perfect add-on gift or stocking stuffer for any guy that travels a lot! I’m snagging one for Rob because I’ve noticed that when he leaves town, he takes my products!

Bar & Cookware

If your guy likes to cook or is into making a certain type of cocktail, I always think this is a great gift. It’s something they’ll use all the time, so why not get them something that looks good. Rob loves making Negronis and we don’t have any nice rocks glasses. I love these from Soho Home—they’re so classic and sturdy and will look good when he has a man den someday.

Other great barware pieces are a measuring set and good looking shaker. You can always through in his favorite beverage or bottle of his favorite liquor as a fun (and easy) bonus gift!

If your guy likes to grill, a grill set, cutting board or if you really want to go big, a smoker or kamado style grill (big green egg)! I’ve never cooked on a kamado grill, but do know how much my dad and brother-in-law love their smokers! Side note, smokers are actually pretty affordable!



Books don’t sound like the most exciting thing, but over the years, I’ve given Rob several books on topics he’s interested in and he’s loved them. Rob collects watches and loves hearing the stories behind them. This book, A Man & His Watch, is one of his favorites. Not to mention, this book is seriously gorgeous and comes in this cool slide-out box case. The photography inside is beautiful as well! This one looks awesome too and is perfect for the traveler!

I’ll be posting the rest of my gift guides over the next two weeks and most of them will be up before Cyber Week so you can get your shopping list ready and tackle Cyber Week with ease and BIG savings 🙂 If you’re not signed up for my email list yet, click here to join. I’ll be sharing sale info straight to your inbox so you don’t miss anything major!

I hope these Rob-approved gifts make shopping for your guy (or brother!) much easier! You can find all of my holiday content in this section and I’ve created a tab on my nav bar called holiday so you can easily access it all!

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