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How to Host a Super Easy Holiday Party

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holiday party ideas

It seems like in a week, we went from sunny days to much colder weather and shorter days, which means one thing—the holidays (and winter) are just about here! This time of year gets busy, but I love it. We end up getting out more and doing stuff with friends and family and it just puts me in the best mood ever! 

It’s also one of my favorite times of year to host people! I honestly don’t do it that often, but with Owen, it’s easier for us to have people over than it is to go out. Here are my tips for throwing a super easy holiday get together that won’t take you a long time to set up and while your party is happening, you can actually enjoy it.

frei bros wines

easy holiday party ideas

cheese board display

How to Host an Easy Holiday Party

Prepared Snacks

Unless you’re hosting a dinner party, keep the food easy. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love a well-curated cheese board! You can buy all the stuff for your board—cheese, almonds, meats, grapes, apples, crackers, vegetables, hummus, etc.—in advance and even get your board totally prepped hours before guests arrive—just wrap it in plastic wrap so it stays fresh. When it’s time, just pull it out of the fridge, add any last-minute things like fruit that would oxidize, and set it on the table. 

frei bros holiday

wine party

diy cheese board ideas

wine party ideas

DIY Wine Station

Instead of trying to serve each of your guests individually, set up an area that’s got several different varieties of wine—two is perfect! I went with Frei Brothers Sonoma Reserve Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon. If you want to mix in a few more, go for it! Another one of my favorites is Frei Brothers Pinot Noir! 

Have plenty of glasses set out and make sure you uncork the bottles so guests know they can help themselves! 


Lately, we’ve just been streaming music so we don’t have to constantly pick new songs. Some of our favorite genres are. 

diy cheese board

wine party appetizers

holiday party outfit

Invite Guests

The last, but arguably the most important step in throwing a party! I’ve never been one for big parties. I like to keep it to a smaller group so I can actually get a chance to have real conversations with everyone. When it’s too many people, it gets too big and I feel like all I do is have small talk and can’t carry on a meaningful convo. But, that’s just my opinion, if you love a big group, go for it! 

This reminds me that I’m in desperate need of another girl’s night—time for me to get planning!

Do you like hosting during the holiday season? Do you have any annual traditions or parties that you throw every year?

Thanks to Frei Brothers, a brand I love and trust, for sponsoring this post! Partnerships like this help make The Fox & She possible!

BTW, how to live in the moment, and 2 ways to style a teddy coat.



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