Gift Guide: The Color Lover

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Let the gifting continue! Today I’m sharing another fun list of gifts for the color lover. I’m a sucker for color, so this one was a fun one to put together. There’s a few items on here that I can tell you’ll love from personal experience. The first one is this Cocoon Coat — it’s stylish and seriously so warm. It’s already freezing here in Chicago and this has been keeping me warm. The second one is the beautiful Jeweled Brushstrokes Shift (on sale!) that I plan on wearing next week for Thanksgiving. It was also featured here just last week.

I officially started my holiday shopping this Saturday, anyone else? I’m loving these bright pieces and might have to pick up something for my sisters and mom!

For the Color Lover

1. Stadium Cloth Cocoon Coat | 2. Jeweled Brushstrokes Shift | 3. Tory Burch Gold/Orange Watch | 4. Tory Burch in Color | 5. High-Low Crewneck Sweater | 6. Cha Cha Drops | 7. Pink PartySkirt | 8. Top-Sider Snow Boots | 9. Paris in Color | 10. Licorice Glitter Heels | 11. Emerald Cut Studs | 12. Darling Botanica Blouse | 13. Mini Pashli Satchel | 14. Blythe Drop Waist Dress | 15. Ankle Cords | 16. Embroidered Cockatoo Pillow | 17. Alpine Cuff Knit Tee | 18. Chateau Parka | 19. Pointelle Cable Knit Sweater | 20. Sweet Briar Notebooks

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