Girlfriends & Pizza


similar top / Madewell jeans / Shoemint heels / necklace / Cities in Dust earrings

Over my extended stay in Dallas, I had the opportunity to catch up with a lot of friends there on many different occasions. Typically, my trips feel rushed and I leave feeling like I didn’t get to really spend time with anyone. So being there for nine days was a nice change.

One of my last outings before the wedding weekend started was a dinner with some old pledge sisters and one of my best friends. I was thrilled when I was told the plan was Fireside Pies! You probably have already heard me talk about my love for pizza at one point or another, and Fireside takes pizza to a whole new level. Think pepperoni pizza with truffle oil, fresh burrata mozzarella and really good wine!

It was a hot night, so I wore this breezy top and skinny, light-weight jeans. Lately, I’ve been wearing more statement necklaces, and this is one of my favorites!

The dinner was a blast, and as always, left me thinking about how lucky I feel to have such wonderful friends.







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