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The Best House Organization Products

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1. Steel Wire Storage Baskets| 2. Laundry Hamper with Lid | 3. Hanging Sweater (or Jeans!) Organizer | 4. Oxo Good Grips Canisters | 5. Storage Baskets with Handles (tops optional) | 6. Knife Dock | 7. Stackable Shoe Shelves | 8. Deep Drawer Bins | 9. Kids’ Bear Toy Storage Basket | 10. Expandable Spice Organizer | 11. Plastic Bins with Handles | 12. Reusable Chalkboard Labels | 13. Under Sink Drawer Organizer | 14. Erasable Chalkboard Markers | 15. Black Bin Clip Labels (works with chalkboard marker)| 16. Expandable Bamboo Silverware Tray | 17. Flax Storage Boxes with Handles | 18. Slim Velvet Hangers

While I was packing up all of our stuff, I realized that there was one thing I really appreciated about our last apartment. It was really organized.

I can’t take full credit for this—the Neat Method graciously helped us move in and unpack during our last move. With a 5 month old, it was literally one of the best things that ever happened to me. In the past, the laundry room, cabinets, top of closets and under the sink were areas I pretty much neglected. But, with that move, our entire home was not only unpacked in 2 days, but also organized!

When we move into our own place, I’m definitely borrowing their secrets and will do my best to keep our pantry, laundry room and other areas tidy, even if they’re already mostly out of sight. Especially now that I have a ton of amazing organization products they selected for our place.

I’ve occasionally shared pictures or stories of these areas and without fail, I always get asked where we get all of our baskets, containers, and other organizational things, so I figured why not put it all in one easy place!

Best House Organization Products

1. Steel Wire Storage Baskets: We had several of these in our pantry for storing things like baking stuff, snacks and other goodies. It’s nice to keep them boxed up like this because they don’t fall out on the floor and you can see through them. We used these black bin labels and chalkboard markers to keep them organized.

2. Laundry Hamper with Lid: Our laundry hamper handle broke just before we left Chicago, so we’ll need some new ones and I’ve been eyeing these because of the interior bags and cute colors. Our laundry room is in the basement so I was thinking these bags might make it easier to drag all the loads downstairs. Love this blue color for the boys’ rooms!

3. Hanging Sweater (or Jeans!) Organizer: I bought this when winter hit and I had no good way to organize sweaters. It is amazing! I love that you can actually see all your sweaters (or jeans, or anything else folded flat) easily so you don’t forget about the ones on the bottom.

4. Oxo Good Grips Canisters: One of my favorite kitchen organization products ever! They’re so well made, last forever and can be used for just about anything. I love storing pasta, rice, quinoa, seeds and nuts in these to keep air out. They stack well too. I used the reusable chalkboard labels and markers on these.

5. Storage Baskets with Handles: We had several of these in our laundry room. One larger one for storing laundry stuff and two smaller ones for other cleaning supplies. If you have the tops, they easily stack, so we did have one top for stacking some items. Very handy and kept the space looking tidy—see for yourself in this post.

branch basics laundry

6. Knife Dock: We actually have a knife block, but I saw this and thought it would be ideal for small space kitchens, or if you don’t have a ton of counter space. It helps keep the countertops clear for sure.

7. Stackable Shoe Shelves: I get asked about these all the time! They’re super simple, but so handy. I love that you can actually see your shoes with these too.

8. Deep Drawer Bins: We used these in one of our deep drawers for Owen’s cups, bottles, snacks, etc. They’re clear so it makes them great to use for pantry and kitchen storage. You can also use these in the fridge and freezer.

9. Kids’ Bear Toy Storage Basket: Obviously you can get baskets for toys just about anywhere, but I came across this and thought it was too cute to not share! There are different animals too, see them all here.

10. Expandable Spice Organizer: We had this in our last place and I LOVED it! We have a lot of spices, but as we got closer to our move out date, I was able to shrink it to exactly what I had which was really handy.

11. Plastic Bins with Handles: We had several of these under our sink. They’re easy to clean and great for storing things like dog treats, sponges and cleaning supplies.

12. Reusable Chalkboard Labels: I picked up these labels for our OXO Good Grips containers because we have a ton, plus they look cute and organized when they’re all labeled. When you want to re-name something, you can just take a sponge or wet paper towel and wash it off, dry it and re-name!

13. Under Sink Drawer Organizer: I didn’t have this, but I’m thinking these will be perfect under my sink because I have so many skincare and beauty products and often have refills on the ready too. Love that they’re tall so you can fit more stuff vertically.

14. Erasable Chalkboard Markers: These are the chalkboard markers I have. I use them on the reusable labels and bin clips to label items. It easily washes off, so you can re-name things as necessary.

15. Black Bin Clip Labels: These work with the chalkboard markers and look so cute. We had them on our steel baskets in our pantry. You can use these on just about any basket though!

16. Expandable Bamboo Silverware Tray: Love that this expandable because not all drawers are the same size. It keeps silverware organized and tidy—obviously!

17. Flax Storage Boxes with Handles: I had several of these at the top of my closet for out of season clothes. They’re sturdy and look so much nicer and tidier than clear boxes that show all the stuff inside. You could add a label to the outside too if you need to know what’s in them.

18. Slim Velvet Hangers: The best hangers! This set comes in a pack of 100 and it’s under $40, great deal! I’ve also heard that Costco sells them for a great deal too. I love that clothes do not easily slide off of them and they make your closet look really tidy!

BTW, 7 tips for decluttering your space, and how to simplify your wardrobe.



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