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10 Clever Tips on How to Organize Your Kitchen Like a Pro

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How to Organize your Kitchen with these 10 Simple Tips

We all know that the kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s where we spend a lot of time cooking, preparing meals, cleaning up and hanging out. It’s the dumping ground for everything right when we get home from school—somehow my kids waltz right through the mudroom and unload their shoes, coats and backpacks right in the kitchen. It’s a learning process for sure.

With busy schedules and endless piles of dishes, the place where we spend so much time can quickly become a cluttered mess. Because we spend so much time in here, when it’s messy, it can cause extra stress and anxiety, so let’s fix it!

I fully admit that I am not the tidiest person, but the older I get, and maybe the messier my kids get, the more I realize how much my sanity relies on a clean, clutter-free space. Keeping my kitchen clean has become a top priority. So, let’s learn how to organize your kitchen, like a pro.

That’s why I’m here to help you with some witty tips on how to organize your kitchen drawers, countertops, and under your sink. So put on your apron, or maybe workout clothes (because you might break a sweat) and let’s get started!

10 Clever Tips on How to Organize Your Kitchen Like a Pro

Tip 1: Declutter and Purge

The first step in organizing any space is to declutter and purge. I personally have a love-hate relationship with this phase because I hate doing it, but when it’s done, I absolutely LOVE the results!

Start by going through all of your kitchen drawers and cabinets and getting rid of anything that is broken, expired, or that you haven’t used in the last six months. Be ruthless! If you’re not in that ruthless mindset, you need to wait until you are. It’s time to say goodbye to those old Tupperware containers and mismatched lids. Remember, less is more.

Tip 2: How to Organize Kitchen Drawers

Now that you’ve decluttered, it’s time to tackle the kitchen drawers. Drawer organizers are a game-changer when it comes to keeping your kitchen drawers neat and tidy. You can find organizers for utensils, cutlery, spices, and even baking tools. This will help you easily locate what you need and keep everything in its place.

I just picked up this in-drawer knife organizer and I am obsessed! It allowed me to remove the bulky knife block on the counter that was causing more visual clutter and now it’s all nicely tucked away out of sight. These bamboos ones are also amazing for silverware and cooking utensils.

Tip 3: Utilize Vertical Space

When it comes to organizing your kitchen countertops, vertical space is your best friend. Install floating shelves or a pot rack to free up valuable counter space. You can also use a wall-mounted magnetic knife strip to keep your knives easily accessible and out of the way.

Inside cabinets, you can use these metal stands to stack more plates. This was a huge space saver when we lived in our small apartment in Chicago.

Tip 4: Create a Coffee Station

If you’re a coffee lover, creating a dedicated coffee station on your countertop can save you time and keep things organized. Use a tray to corral your coffee maker, mugs, and sugar and creamer. This way, everything is in one place and you won’t have to shuffle things around when you’re in a caffeine-induced rush.

You can also utilize the drawer below your coffee station to hide sugar, coffee pods, and more to keep the counters free of excess clutter.

Tip 5: Install Hooks Under Cabinets

One of the most overlooked areas in the kitchen is under the sink. This space can quickly become a mess of cleaning supplies, sponges, and garbage bags. But fear not, with a few simple hooks, you can turn this space into a highly organized storage area. Install hooks under the cabinets to hang your cleaning supplies, rubber gloves, keeping them easily accessible and off the floor.

We also have little bins to corral bottles that can’t be hung on hooks and it’s been such a nice way to keep things tidy.

Tip 6: Use Drawer Dividers

Just like with your kitchen drawers, using dividers in your larger drawers and even in cabinets can be a game-changer. Dividers can be used to separate pots and pans, baking dishes, and even cutting boards. This way, everything is neatly stacked and easy to find when you need it.

It also makes it easy to stay organized when you put them back because everything will have it’s own place.

Tip 7: Label Everything

Labels are your friend when it comes to organization. Use a label maker or even just some masking tape and a marker to label everything in your kitchen. This will not only help you quickly locate what you need but will also make it easier to put things back where they belong.

We did this in our pantry with all of our bulk, dry items and not only is it really functional, it also looks really cute. I snagged these chalkboard stickers and chalkboard pen to write on them. They wipe off easily with water and are reusable too.

Tip 8: Keep Counters Clear

Last but not least, one of the most important things you can do to keep your kitchen organized is to keep your counters clear. This may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s easy to let things pile up. Papers from school, mail, random toys the kids leave around, trash. It adds up so quickly, and it drives me absolutely nuts!

Removing the visual clutter each day has become a priority for my sanity as a mom! Make it a habit to put things away as soon as you’re done using them. If you don’t have space in your cabinets, consider using a rolling cart or a portable island to give you some extra storage space.

If something isn’t needed anymore toss it—again, be ruthless! It’s your peace at stake here!

Tip 9: Store Items by Frequency of Use

When organizing your kitchen, it’s important to consider how often you use each item. Store frequently used items, such as cooking utensils or spices, in easily accessible drawers or on the countertop. Less frequently used items, such as specialty baking tools, can be stored in cabinets or drawers that are a bit harder to reach. This way, you’ll save time and effort when preparing meals.

The same goes four appliances. We leave coffee makers and the toaster out because we use them every single day. We also hide our blender (we make smoothies daily) inside our appliance garage.

Side note, if you’re ever renovating your kitchen, I highly highly recommend installing an appliance garage. I wish we had multiple at this point!

Tip 10: Use Clear Containers for Dry Goods

For pantry items like flour, sugar, and cereal, consider using clear containers to keep them organized and easily visible. This not only keeps your pantry looking neat and tidy, but it also helps you keep track of when you need to restock. You can even label the containers with the item name and expiration date to make things even easier.

There you have 10 clever tips to organize your kitchen like a pro! You’ll now have organized kitchen drawers, countertops, and under your sink.

Remember, organization is an ongoing process, believe me, with two kids that are constantly making messes, this won’t be a one-time thing—so, don’t get discouraged if things start to pile up again. Just take a deep breath and tackle it one drawer. Happy spring cleaning, friends!

BTW, how to organize your food pantry, and the best house organization products.



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