I’ll Dine Here Someday


chair via / glasses / deer bust / pendant light via / white linen dishes / grey rug

I’ve been thinking about dining room a lot lately. Honestly, it’s mostly the rug that’s in my dining room. I created my own large area rug when I first moved in and it’s served its purpose, but will need replacing in the near future.

Since Oliver’s arrival, it has turned into a very dirty, stained and ripped-up heap of thick fabric. I really can’t complain all that much when the whole thing cost me around $150. I mean, what was I expecting? Years of use? Definitely not. It was an easy and inexpensive fix when I first moved in, but it’s about time we part our ways.

Thinking about replacing the rug got me thinking about the chairs too. Those poor chair legs have seen better days — again, Oliver has destroyed them. I still like my table and it’s a great size for an apartment, so rather than replace the whole set, I think it’d be cool to mix and match. I personally think these galvanized metal chairs would be awesome in there, thoughts?

Then I really started thinking! Someday when I have that house, I will make it a point to find some beautiful copper pendant lights and find a cool piece like this one to make a statement on the the wall. As for dishes — white, always. They let the meal stand out and these have a beautiful texture on them!

For now, I’ll keep dreaming, but possibly invest in a new rug. And maybe chairs? What’s in your dream dining room?

White on Stripes