The 9 Wellness Products That’ve Changed My Life

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve noticed a trend in my spending. Instead of blowing money on trendy clothes from Forever 21, I’ve now shifted to mainly wellness investments and experiments. I’ve fallen in love with taking care of my mind, body, and spirit, and appreciate the endorphins that seem to come with wellness purchases. I will say, however, that I’m a practical wellness lover—the woo-woo side of things aren’t necessarily for me.

Since I’ve done so much trial and error, I wanted to share the wellness products that I rely on daily. Though I sound incredibly dramatic, these items have changed my life in such a positive way. Here are 10 of my favorite purchases when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle (P.S. nothing is sponsored!):

  1. Oil diffuser + essential oils: Diffusing has become a morning and nightly routine for me. I diffuse lavender oil (relaxing) at night and then tea tree or eucalyptus (more energizing, good for cleaning the air) during the day. Essential oils have a long list of benefits and just there’s something calming about the steam. Plus, diffusing oil causes less allergens than candles or chemical-heavy air fresheners.
  2. Clean beauty subscription: Currently, my biggest focus when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle is cleaning up my beauty routine—literally. The amount of chemicals that are allowed in products and the harm they can wreck on our systems is terrifying. Art of Organics delivers beautiful, quality, clean products to my doorstep each month and I’m pretty obsessed. Taking the guessing game out of which ingredients are safe is refreshing and new products are always fun. LEAFtv has a monthly wellness box I’m dying to try, too.
  3. Coloring book: Relaxing your mind while stimulating it in the calmest way—with coloring—is such a playful way to de-stress. Since your wellness depends highly on what’s going in your head, this is no-brainer when it comes to soothing your thoughts.
  4. Nutribullet: Smoothies are awesome because you can add a bunch of healthy ingredients at once. The ease of this machine has made making a daily smoothie (even in winter!) incredibly simple. I used to hate blenders because they are notoriously annoying to clean, but the Nutribullet takes about a minute to wash. It also doesn’t take up much counter space—major plus!
  5. Travel-size humidifier: Have you ever noticed how dry and stale most hotels are? My skin would instantly feel tight and dull if I wasn’t in my normal environment. A dermatologist actually suggested getting a humidifier, and it has not only changed my skin while traveling but also at home. It’s ideal for cold season, too, since it helps with congestion.
  6. Bee pollen: Sounds weird, I know, but adding bee pollen to smoothies or oatmeal is how I start most of my mornings. It provides a natural energy, is full of antioxidants and vitamins, and can help with inflammation—among other things. It’s a simple way to add a lot of goodness without the flavor changing much. Experiment with adding a little at a time to see how you like the taste; I use 1 tablespoon per meal.
  7. Sleep machine: Sleep is a huge part of feeling your best (aka wellness) but I suffer from sleep anxiety. Anyone else? Because of that, I’ve gone through a lot of experiments when it comes to sleeping well. When I first moved to the city and was dealing with the noise that comes with it, a friend who knew about my anxiety gifted me this. Without a doubt, this has been the most useful present I’ve ever received. My sleep improved almost instantly—plus this machine has lasted 6+ years!
  8. Yoga towel: Even if I’m not doing yoga regularly, this towel is amazing for any workouts on a mat or the floor. I personally get pretty sweaty and hate constantly slipping around on a workout mat. I put this towel down during pushups, burpees, yoga, whatever! Plus, all the colors are gorgeous.
  9. Shower melt: For anyone who loves the idea of taking a bath but is more of a shower person, this product will be your new BFF. You drop one by the drain and it basically creates a steam shower for you. Ahhh! The eucalyptus scent is beyond relaxing and is great for cleaning the air and decongestion. This is basically a cheap version of visiting a spa, and the product is totally natural.

What wellness products do you swear by?

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Today’s post is written by contributor Chelsea Becker, a San Diego native, living and writing in San Francisco. Follow her on Instagram & Pinterest.

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