A Peek into Our Bedroom

eclectic bedroom design

A few weeks ago, Aimée Mazzenga came over and shot our entire apartment for an upcoming home tour. I’ve always wanted to do a home tour, but I never felt like our place was totally “ready”. Honestly, I didn’t really feel like it was totally ready this time either, but I’ve learned that creating and decorating a home is an ongoing process—one that I’ll always be tweaking along the way.

If anything, this shoot served as the motivation to clean house. I finally got rid of a few lingering pieces that I’d been wanting to donate or toss, and it forced me to get the entire apartment tidied up and clean. For the first time in what felt like forever, the kitchen counters were completely empty except for a few cutting boards, a knife block and a bowl of fruit.

diy shibori pillow

marble lamp
how to style a nightstand

book styling

The full home tour will be coming out later, so stay tuned for that, but in the meantime, I wanted to share a peek into our bedroom. I like to think of my style as cozy, eclectic with the slightest bohemian touch, and this eclectic bedroom design is totally me. It’s one area that’s changed a lot over the years as I never had a clear vision for it. For the longest time, it was just a random compilation of things we had in the house that didn’t totally go together. Sometime over the summer, a lightbulb went off in my head and I got the idea to move our Turkish rug in here and the whole room really came together. It’s simple, yet serene and peaceful, and makes bedtime a joy!

marble lamp nightstand

shiba inu
perfume & candles

icelandic horse artwork

turkish rug, eclectic bedroom design

Ideally, I’d like a different bed frame at some point and really love the idea of a four-poster like this one, or something like this one that really makes a statement. When we have a bigger home, I’d love to add a seating area of some sort, but also worry that it’ll just become a dumping ground for clothing, bags, etc. So maybe it’s better we have a small room for now!

What does your bedroom look like? Was it the first place you decorated or was it an afterthought like ours was?

BTW, how to create a meaningful art collection, and how many pillows should you put on your bed?

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