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5 Free Ways to Feel Refreshed This Season

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Somewhere between travel plans, weddings, and long holiday weekends, summer gets overwhelmingly busy…and expensive. I’m not sure why the holidays get the rep of being craziest, but summer is definitely the most non-stop time of year for me. This summer has officially worn me and my bank account out! Because of that, I’ve been gravitating towards feeling refreshed without over-spending.

I’m looking forward to fall for more than the Starbucks drinks, and can’t wait to embrace a relaxed schedule. To completely reset on a budget, try these ideas that I’ve been loving:

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Bare Nails

Summer is full of events with pressure to look polished, but fall is the perfect time to keep nails clean and natural at home. Plus, nails need a break from products to remain their healthiest. Skip polish and expensive manicures this season, or at least save them for special occasions.

Lemon Water in the A.M.

Hot lemon water first thing in the morning is super beneficial for skin and digestion. It’s also a nice change from the urgency of chugging caffeine ASAP. Sip on lemon water as you get ready and let it digest for 30 minutes before eating. It should make a noticeable difference in how you look and feel!

Leisurely walks

Walks are one of the most ideal ways to refresh and de-stress, but summer is often too packed for relaxing strolls. Try to incorporate long walks into your routine—especially when crisp fall air catches up. Walk without a plan or destination and see where you end up.

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Zen Driving

Busy summer days result in a constant rush, and road rage can get the best of us all. Getting to a destination bothered from stress of bad drivers or running late doesn’t feel good, so give yourself a buffer. Leave a little early, turn on a podcast, and drive peacefully. See if you can let people (even the rudest ones) merge without it affecting your state of mind.

Closet Makeovers

The spring cleaning mentality shouldn’t be saved for one season. Grab a glass of wine, play music, and pack away your summer stuff. Closets feel way better this way and the minimalism is a refreshing change to getting dressed. Plus, you’re able to take advantage of last season’s clothes that you totally forgot about!

How do you get refreshed for a new season?

BTW, foolproof ways to boost your self-esteem, and where do you want to travel to this year?

Today’s post is written by contributor Chelsea Becker, a San Diego native, living and writing in San Francisco. Follow her on Instagram & Pinterest.

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