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outfits for summer

This summer has been full of travel! Just over a week ago, I was in Knoxville with my youngest sister. We snapped these pictures outside the adorable Oliver Hotel. Fitting, since our little fox is named Oliver! Since I returned, I’ve been reminiscing about my favorite trips that we’ve taken and also daydreaming about places I want to visit and a few places that I’d really like to go back to.

[one-half-first]off the shoulder top[/one-half-first][one-half]outfits for summer[/one-half]
outfits for summer

outfits for summer

off the shoulder top

One of those places I want to go back to is Copenhagen! I stumbled across some pictures from our trip to Denmark nearly two years ago. We went just a few months after our honeymoon to Asia. Rob still didn’t have a job and we figured we might not get the opportunity to do something like again for a while, so we booked tickets and hopped on a plane!

Copenhagen was one of the most amazing places we’ve visited and I’m dying to go back. We went in the fall and the weather was cool, but we loved getting bundled up and riding bikes all over the stunning city. If you’re going to Denmark, you should check out this post and this post for ideas!

[one-half-first]outfits for summer
[/one-half-first][one-half]outfits for summer[/one-half]
outfits for summer

outfits for summer

But, onto new travel…

Rob and I are planning on taking a longer trip in January (when his vacation days add up from his new job). We’ve been bouncing ideas off each other for months, a few places getting eventually knocked out of the ranking, but we still haven’t settled on anything. There’s so many places we want to go and not nearly enough vacation days—isn’t this always the case?!

Morocco and Portugal are high on our list though! Have you been to either of them? Any suggestions on where to stay and what to see?

What places are you hoping to travel to soon? And, what spots are on your travel bucket list?

BTW, the a peek into the French countryside, and why we make travel a priority.



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