Mama’s Day Dinner


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Tomorrow night my family in Dallas is hosting a mother’s day dinner at our house. I’m a getting a little homesick just thinking about all my family and sisters being at one place without me. Although, I really can’t get too sad because I’m about to spend two whole weeks with my sisters in Europe. More on that later… but I wish I could be there to celebrate my beautiful mom and aunts and grandmas!

I love how we do holidays at home. It’s always a no-fuss buffet style dinner that makes it seem more like a party than a fancy dinner. You can mingle with aunts and uncles, explain to your grandparents what exactly blog design is, then go chit chat with your mom and sisters, all with a glass of Prosecco in hand — Prosecco tends to be the drink at our family gatherings.

The standard attire is casual, but cute. And if I were there, this is what I would be wearing. A light summery dress that’s family event appropriate, cute flats and simple jewelry. I’m known for getting chilly and this chambray shirt would be perfect to throw on over the dress. And for a last minute Prosecco run, the hot pink clutch to hold my goodies!

What does your family do for Mother’s Day?

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