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I'm Blair Staky

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Outdoor Stripes

I'm a web designer, blogger, mom, wife and serial entrepreneur. I 'm sharing my best tips and advice or building a life and business you love.

I'm Blair Staky

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Last summer, this was the state of our outdoor space. Junk left from the last tenant scattered across a stained wooden deck just wasn’t going to cut it in a city where the weather is nice enough to allow you to actually be outside.

This year, I decided to make it fully functional. The budget allowed for it, and naturally, I wasn’t going to turn down a project!


A few months ago, I had the grand idea of painting the floor. It was way too cold then to attempt the project then, but this weekend, I finally got around to it. Although the stencils were cool, the space was small and I didn’t want it to get too busy. Arleigh and I settled on a simple, thick black and white stripe and I’m loving how it turned out! What do you think?

It was such a simple process. I used Porch & Patio paint from Home Depot in bright white and black. Simple enough, right? I painted the whole patio white (2 coats!) and then carefully went around the edge with a paint brush. After that dried overnight, I laid down tape every 3rd piece of wood and painted black. I went back again and filled in the black edges. After the paint had dried for a few hours, I removed the tape and then let it set overnight before moving the patio furniture back into place.

The patio furniture itself is from Home Depot last year. They don’t have this exact set anymore, but they do have a other good options. I also really love this one and this one.




It really makes the patio seem like more of an extension of the house rather than an outdoor space and I love that. I’m hoping overtime the paint gets a little worn and shows more of the wood. I think it’ll give it a really cool look, but for now, I’m super happy with it!

I see a lot of patio parties and happy hours in my very very near future!

The best part about this DIY project was that it was simple and cheap! The only items I needed were paint and tape. I already own all the other painting supplies, so if you don’t then there might be a few more items you’ll need, but not many.

And now for a few more shots from the project…

Oliver gives his look of approval too, and clearly that’s important!

My new succulent. It’s looking much healthier than my last one!

And one last shot of the fox taken with my new 20mm lens that my parents sent me for my birthday! I absolutely love it. It’s a fixed focal length, just like my 50mm, but captures a wider angle. And I love the distortion it created in this one. Looking forward to taking this puppy (the lens, not Oliver) to Europe! Thanks mom & dad!