Minimal in May: Master Bathroom (& How our Home Feels Now)

bathroom organization
the finished product!

Can I be honest? I’m a little tired of writing this series—haha! I was so fired up about it at the beginning of the month and I thought I was really going to enjoy writing these and sharing about my purging techniques, but here’s the deal—it’s kinda the same thing every time!

Take everything out, sort, toss/donate, reorganize and voilà! You then have an organized space!

I don’t need to repeat that every week!

One thing I’m not tired of? Seeing my own before and afters. Part of me wonders if the real reason I started this series was to hold myself accountable to do all of this. Either way, I hope that I’ve at least inspired a few of you to declutter your own spaces!

Before Photos:

bathroom organization
bathroom organization

You know what else I love and totally didn’t expect?! How much better our home feels. It has a sense of calm and cozy to it that it was lacking before the purge. It feels peaceful for once! Even when the toys are all over the floor!

The biggest change I’ve noticed in all this purging and re-organizing is that I’m so much happier. I’m so much calmer. I can find things, and when our house does get messy—because, duh, we have a toddler—I can pull it back together much easier.

After Photos:

bath organization
bathroom organization
bathroom organization

When I first started, I found that I was so attached to some things. Some for sentimental reasons and some for reasons like “maybe I’ll use this in another house one day!” I’ll tell you now, that is NOT a good reason to hold onto excess junk. By the end, it was so much easier for me to part with things and I’m very grateful for learning that lesson.

bathroom organization

One fun thing I did do in here that I wanted to share was my new makeup brush holder (above)! This candle has been dead for a while (meaning the wick was too short to light), so I poured boiling water in it and got the big chunk of wax out of the bottom. I had to do this a few times to get the majority of it out before cleaning with water and soap. I love how it looks and love that glass container didn’t go to waste!

A few other areas I still want to tackle? Books and our credenza, which is full of a bunch of random stuff. I’ll probably just share those on Insta Stories, but for those who stuck around here for the series, thank you! I hope it was helpful!!

BTW, Owen’s closet and room clean out, and my closet and drawer clean out.

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