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Earlier this month I did a 4 day hormone reset, which meant that I just ate really healthy and clean for 4 days. I also didn’t drink any alcohol or caffeine, which wasn’t easy! I have to admit that I did give up half way through the last day. Our day went haywire and I wasn’t at home to eat a meal I prepared, but even though I didn’t get all the way through it, it made a huge difference! And, I did make it those 4 days with no caffeine or alcohol—go me!

In the following weeks, I felt amazing!

I was sleeping great, my energy was back up and overall, I just felt so alert and focused. Honestly, it’s the best I’ve felt in months. And, when you feel that good, you want to chase that feeling. Not having caffeine was working for me and I still had plenty of energy, so I figured I’d keep going for a bit. When I posted on Insta stories that I was still on the decaf train I got so many hilarious responses from you guys, but also a genuine interest in how I was doing it.

And, I get it. With a kid and business, I never thought that I could be someone to give up caffeine and still function properly. But, I was doing it. In fact, I was doing far better without caffeine than I was with it. One morning I decided to have a regular cappuccino just to see what happened—it was awful.

I felt dizzy, then crashed, and I couldn’t focus on anything all day long. I slept horrible that night, then woke up and vowed to go back to my caffeine-free life because it was serving me much better.

If you struggle with adrenal fatigue, caffeine will makes it worse. It forces your body to make more cortisol and wears out these glands over time.

The tough part about giving up caffeine is giving up coffee. I love coffee and I love the ritual of hot coffee in the morning. It just starts my day right—anyone else?! So, I didn’t give up coffee, instead, I’m just drinking decaf. Yes, I know that there are trace amounts of caffeine in here, but it doesn’t effect me like the real deal. For me, I find that when I try to be really strict about things and cut them out completely, it doesn’t work.

Eventually I crack and go straight back to my bad habits. Deciding to just have one cup of decaf each day is a good balance for me. I like the taste of coffee and I like my morning routine with it—so this is what’s working for me right now.

Will I do it forever? I don’t know. Right now I think I might, I hated how I felt when I had a regular coffee that one morning and really don’t want to go back to feeling like that again. But, I’ll never say never. Plus, I know caffeine comes in other forms and I’ll still have the occasional matcha latte and kombucha.

Tips for Cutting Back on Caffeine

If you’ve been wanting to try to cut back on caffeine or cut it out altogether, switching to decaf has been a great way for me to cut it out without sacrificing on something I love! Here are a few other tips that helped me cut back!

Go slow

If you drink multiple cups a day, start by cutting down to one cup and then eventually brewing half-caf coffee until you can go to decaf or quit completely (props to you if you can, but I just can’t yet). If you go cold turkey, you might end up with headaches for a few days. Slowly removing it should help keep those to a minimum!

Get enough sleep

This one is KEY. Good, quality sleep (and getting enough of it) is absolutely necessary for our health. I shared my tips in this post and I need to put them back in practice. Honestly, the past week I did a horrible job of this and I’m really feeling it. I did go to be early last night though, so I’m working on getting myself back to normal.

Eat healthy foods that give you energy

If you’re used to just drinking coffee in the morning and skipping breakfast, you should probably start eating breakfast. I like to have something with protein, healthy fats and I love getting some greens in. One of my favorite breakfasts right now is chopped fruit with flaxseed and chia seeds and a fried egg over sautéed greens with half of a sliced avocado.

Drink coffee AFTER you eat

I refuse to drink coffee first thing in the morning! It just makes me feel terrible—whether it’s decaf or not. I always eat breakfast and then have my coffee after that. Another reason for this is that if I make my coffee with breakfast or before, it usually gets cold, so if I wait until after I can enjoy it while I watch Owen play or read him a book. And, sometimes I just wait until he’s down for his first nap so I can fully enjoy it in peace, hah!

Give it time

Chances are, you won’t feel immediately better. Caffeine is highly addictive and if you’ve been drinking it for a long time, it’ll take your body a while to adjust to your new normal. But, stick with it! It’s worth it in the long run!

Do what feels good

If you get headaches, don’t push yourself, just go slower. At the end of the day, you’ve got to listen to your body and see what feels best!

Do you drink coffee or other caffeine every morning? Have you tried cutting back or do you want to?

BTW, the hormone struggle and how I’m resetting, and tips for keeping your home tidy.

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