The Hormone Struggle + How I’m Resetting

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One thing no one tells you after you have a baby is that your body might be out of whack or much longer than you anticipated. In a society where we praise women for bouncing back, it makes it tough to deal with issue like hormonal imbalances, depression, baby blues, weight gain/loss, sleep issues, hair loss (and those weird baby hairs that grow in around your hair line) pelvic floor issues, etc. Every mom’s experience will be different! I just wasn’t expecting to still be dealing with postpartum issues eleven months after Owen’s birth. But, here we are, and here’s what’s happening with me lately.

Okay, so honestly, I never imagined talking about my period here on my blog, but since this little site of mine has become more and more wellness-focused as that’s where my passion lies these days, today I’m talking about my period and hormone imbalances since having a baby. If this grosses you out, well, sorry. I really wish that I had someone who had told me this stuff so I wouldn’t have been so freaked out by it, so that’s why I’m sharing. But, if it’s not your thing, I suggest you go check out a different post like my fall capsule wardrobe that launched a few weeks ago!

Okay, moving on!

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The End of Breastfeeding

My breastfeeding journey ended in May, just shy of six months! I was really proud of making it that far, but ultimately, I was ready to have my body back. I was still dealing with exhaustion and was struggling to gain weight—breastfeeding literally sucked the life out of me! About two weeks after I quit, I was back to my normal weight and my energy had improved drastically! I figured I was in the clear—my energy was back and my health was on the up and up!

Period Problems

Then two months later, I got my first postpartum period—woof. No one told me how rough that was going to be. Without going into too much detail, it was much much heavier than normal and also lasted a long time—about three weeks for me. I called the doctor multiple times and they assured me that this was normal, but not super common to have it go on for that long.

The real trouble was that it never really stopped.

Then, for the following two months, I continued to spot almost every single day with periods of heavier bleeding in between. I called the doctor yet again and their suggestion was to go back on the pill. For someone who is passionate about naturally healing my body, and avoids putting synthetic or toxic chemicals into it, I was really hesitant to get back on the pill. I thought I was done with it for life!

But, my energy was suffering, I was more stressed than normal and I just wasn’t feeling like myself. I needed something to change. So, in my desperation I decided to go back on the pill in hopes that it would help to regulate my cycle quickly and get me feeling back to normal.

That brings us to the present. I’ve been on the pill for about two months now and my body seems to slowly be falling back into a normal rhythm, but it’s not there just yet. Last week, I visited my new functional medicine doctor (she’s amazing!) and it gave me the boost of motivation I needed to help naturally regulate my hormones and get my cycle back to normal. We tweaked a few of my supplements to support hormone-balancing and liver-cleansing which helps remove used hormones from our body.

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How I’m Resetting My Body

It also inspired me to pull out WomanCode again. I talked about this book in this post over a year ago. Guys, this book was LIFE-CHANGING and every single woman should read it. It taught me so much about my body, how everything is interconnected and how making small diet and lifestyle changes can drastically improve my health. The first time I read it, I skipped the 4 day reset that Alisa recommends, but this time around I figured it couldn’t hurt to give my body the head start!

This past Sunday, I made a big list, went to the grocery to load up on stuff for the reset. I prepped and chopped everything for the week which should make it much easier! I did tweak her reset a bit because it didn’t sound like enough food for me and since I’m still trying to gain a little weight, I wanted to make sure I was getting enough. Here’s what a typical day looks like:

Four Day Reset Meal Plan

Breakfast: Water first thing in the morning, then celery juice (I’ve got a whole post coming next week on this!), chopped fruit salad with ground flax seed

Lunch: Usually I have a mid-morning snack, but the reset didn’t call for one (I did have almonds yesterday, so I’m moving lunch up to 11:30. Brown rice or quinoa with flax seed, 4 oz. salmon and liver-cleansing salad

Afternoon Snack: veggies or fruits or another small serving of lunch or dinner

Dinner: Veggie soup with greens

The third day calls for no animal protein, but 1/2 an avocado in it’s place, and dinner on the final night calls for quinoa and greens instead of soup! If you want the whole plan, I highly recommend just getting the book because it’s much more detailed than this and also pairs lifestyle tweaks and things you should be doing each day of the reset. Plus, then you’ll have the whole book to continue making smart choices for balancing your hormones for the future too!

While doing the reset, I’m also drinking NO caffeine (or decaf coffee) and no alcohol! I cut out wine all last week during the week which wasn’t too hard, but cutting out caffeine and coffee is hard with a baby! Last week, I decided to only drink matcha to start lowering my caffeine intake in preparation for no caffeine this week—wish me luck!

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As of today, I’m on my second day of my reset, but I’m really excited about what it could do for me. I know that getting my hormones balanced is so important to how I’m feeling overall, and I’ve felt off for too long! Sometimes it takes a while to finally make the decision to make real change and I’m so happy I’ve arrived at this place this October. I’m planning on sharing more of the results and more wellness content this month, so if this is the kind of stuff you love too, get excited!

I’ve gotten so many messages and DMs from you guys telling me that this is your favorite content and it’s honestly my favorite to write because I feel like I’m actually doing something that helps you guys, even if talking about your period on the internet is really embarrassing. I’ll be updating you guys throughout the week on stories too, so stay tuned!

Lastly, if you aren’t in the Facebook Group and are struggling with health issues, want to be more supported in your wellness efforts or simply aren’t feeling your best and know you could feel better—please join! It’s been a really supportive and open group and I’m so thankful for all of you who have shared and are working to lift each other up!

Okay, now your turn—did you have any weird postpartum issues to deal with that no one told you about? Whether you’ve had a baby or not, is hormone balance something you’ve thought about before?

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