12 Tops Perfect for Nursing & Pumping

12 awesome nursing-friendly tops

Central Chambray Top | Tie Sleeve Cardigan | Black Skinny Jeans | Harper Mules, also available here | Owen’s Pajamas, similar

If I’m being 100% honest, it is a sheer miracle that I’m still pumping and breastfeeding. If you read this post on breastfeeding, you might remember that I nearly gave up completely around 3 weeks because I was just so tired!

I’m glad I held out because it’s gotten so much easier as he’s gotten bigger and feels like much less of a burden than it once did. It’s still a big commitment though! It takes time and you have to be available on a regular basis to either feed your babe or pump so your supply doesn’t go down.

One way to make my day easier to to wear something that makes pumping or breastfeeding easy. It’s a pain to have to take your shirt off, so whatever saves me a few minutes or a little annoyance is a good thing! This has also been one of the most frequently asked questions lately! In my experience, any top or dress you can easily unbutton or pull open is the easiest.

Sure, there are tops our there designed especially for breastfeeding, but I didn’t want to buy those. I wanted things that I could wear while breastfeeding, and when I’m done. The easiest for me has been wrap tops and button-up shirts, so I rounded up some pretty ones today that range from comfortable to cute. I even included a dress that buttons up in case you’re just sick of wearing tops and jeans!

The other key item is a good nursing bra underneath! I sleep in the more camisole-style tops, but I wear these wireless nursing bras from ThirdLove everyday. They’re comfortable, supportive, look nice (and normal) under shirts and make pumping and breastfeeding super easy.

What types of clothes did you like to wear while breastfeeding or pumping?

BTW, tips for traveling with a baby, and how did you pick your child’s name?

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