My Favorite Workout Gear (& a BBG Update!)

@outdoorvoices grey outfit #doingthings

Tri-Tone Slashback Crop in dove/ash/graphite (more colors here) | Two-Tone Warm-Up Legging in dove & ash (more colors here) | Light Draft Longsleeve in fog (more colors here)

I’m not sure where the motivation came from, but in December I decided to seriously rev up my workout routine. Like, really step it up. For as long as I can remember, yoga and walking have been my go-to workouts. I love them both because they’re not only good for you, but leave my mind in a good place too. At the end of last year, I was in a yoga class and we moved into a pose that use to be a breeze for me. Once I got into the pose, I started wobbling, shaking and eventually fell out of it. It was a wake up call—I wasn’t nearly as strong as I used to be.

Getting bigger muscles became my top fitness goal for the year. I played volleyball competitively through high school and into college, and gals, my legs were jacked! They were so muscular, toned and super strong. It’s actually funny to look back at pictures because I look so different now. To be honest, I don’t really want jacked college-athlete-looking legs again, but I do want them and the rest of my body to be stronger.

@outdoorvoices tri-tone slashback crop #doingthings

@outdoorvoices workout gear

two tone warm up leggings

Next was figuring out exactly how to do that. I hate going to the gym and lifting weights, and honestly, I never know exactly which machines to do, how many reps or how much weight I should be lifting. Which means I end up wandering aimlessly around the gym, trying a few things and if they’re too hard or complicated, I give up—please tell me I’m not the only one who’s done that!

I’d heard wonderful things about BBG and knew there was an amazing community around it, so I decided to try the 12-week program.

@outdoorvoices slash back crop top

fitness style
@outdoorvoices all grey

I (barely) finished my 4th week last week! I was off for two weeks while we were in Europe, so that’s why last week was so tough. Oh, and BBG is really tough in general, but each workout is only 30 minutes and I absolutely love that. Knowing I only have to kick my own butt for 30 minutes is a huge motivator, and so is wearing cute workout clothes. I know, it sounds crazy, but it seriously helps. You know that saying, “You gotta look good to feel good”? It applies to working out too. I’d heard about Outdoor Voices on social media and immediately become hooked. Their workout clothes are so cute! I bought my first outfit a few weeks into BBG and just got this one and I’m completely obsessed!

@outdoorvoices grey set

@outdoorvoices tri tone slashback crop #doingthings
@outdoorvoices grey look

I’ve mentioned it in the past, but I love working out in crop tops. It might sound crazy, but if I can see my abs in the mirror during a workout or yoga class, I’m so much more likely to push myself harder and focus on keeping all my muscles (especially my core) engaged throughout my workout.

The other thing I love about this workout gear is that it’s super cute for wearing around town. Just throw on a jacket after your workout and you’re ready for brunch with the girls! I should mention that if crop tops aren’t your thing, Outdoor Voices has plenty of non-cropped tanks and tees too!

@outdoorvoices leggings

@outdoorvoices workout crop and leggings

Can we agree that you’ll probably feel more like a boss babe, ready to crush your workout if you show up in something like this than your boyfriend’s old t-shirt and baggy basketball shorts? Yes? Okay, cool.

But let’s go back to BBG for a second! Even though it’s only been 4 weeks, I can honestly say that I’ve noticed major changes in my body. My legs, thighs, abs and arms are where I’ve noticed it the most. Okay, my abs are definitely the number one thing I’ve noticed. I was walking around the house absent-mindedly the other day with my hand on my stomach. Rob gave me a confused look and asked what I was doing—I’d hardly even noticed that I was doing it, but my abs were so much more defined and I guess part of me just couldn’t believe it, haha!

@outdoorvoices slash back crop
cute workout gear @outdoorvoices

As for weight loss, I haven’t noticed any, but that was not my intention when I started, in fact, I’m hoping to gain some weight via bigger muscles. That being said, I ran into a girl in my building’s gym who was also doing BBG and she told me she lost 15 lbs. before her wedding after doing it for several months, so it works!

I could also tell that I was stronger in my yoga class next week, another place I love wearing my Outdoor Voices outfits! Chaturanga, something that usually leaves my arms dead by the end of class, was so much easier. I couldn’t believe it! It’s so nice to be able to see and feel the results so quickly—it definitely keeps me motivated to stay with it!

If you’ve done BBG, what’s your experience been like? And, have you tried Outdoor Voices gear yet? If so, which pieces are your favorite?

BTW, yoga poses for stronger abs, and 5 reasons to try meditation.

Thanks to Outdoor Voices, a brand I love and trust, for sponsoring this post. Partnerships like this make The Fox & She possible!

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