Cucumber, Mint & Absolut Lime Cocktail

Absolut Lime vodka

Do you watch the awards shows? If so, you’ll know that the GRAMMYs are coming up this weekend! I have to admit, I missed a few shows this year, but I’m excited for the GRAMMYs, probably because there’s always such great musical performances!

It’s also a good excuse to gather up some friends on a Sunday night and hang out, chat and snack on small bites and cocktails!

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Speaking of cocktails, Rob and I have lately been on a cocktail kick. In the past, we’d search out bars that specialize in craft beer or unique wines, but lately, we’ve found ourselves in craft cocktail bars around the city. All the new flavors and combinations we’ve had has spurred us to get better at our cocktail making skills at home.

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Below the post, you can find the recipe for one of our new favorite cocktails made with Absolut LimeAbsolut’s newest flavored vodka. We recently had a cocktail that we both loved, so we put our own spin on it in this one and it is soooo tasty. The Absolut Lime adds a light, refreshing lime flavor, and fresh lime juice and cucumber make it really bright and yummy! I’m planning on whipping up a few of these for our little GRAMMY watching party this weekend.

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Absolut Lime cucumber mint cocktail
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Another question for you—what do you talk about when the GRAMMYs are on? The obvious answer is what the celebs are wearing, but let’s think bigger for a second. With everything that’s happening in the world right now, there’s a lot more important, meaningful things to talk about and Absolut’s GRAMMY partnership is challenging us to turn the conversation from who’s wearing what, to the causes you care about and are important to you. If you’re hosting a little get together to watch the GRAMMYs, ask your friends what causes they’re supporting this year and why. My guess is that it’ll make for far more interesting conversation than the idle chit chat of what dresses you hate and love (which, you’ll clearly have opinions on too!).

So, are you hosting any awards watching parties? What’s your go-to cocktail at home?!

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In partnership with Absolut. Enjoy responsibly.

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