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5 Easy Ways to Create a More Peaceful Home When You Live with Kids

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I'm a mom of two boys living in Denver. The Fox & She is where I share my easy outfit ideas, style tips, beauty hacks and wellness tips for inspired, happier living—everyday.

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These 5 tips will help you create a more peaceful home that’s calm and relaxing, even when your kids are constantly making messes.

5 Easy Ways to Create a Peaceful Home Even when you Have Kids |

Somedays I look around the house and I think, “how on earth did this happen”? I adore my children, but their ability to create messes is honestly impressive. It happens so fast, I wonder, do I secretly have more children hiding around here that are contributing to this mess?

As a mom, I’ve realized just how closely our physical space is tied to how we feel mentally. If you’re feeling on-edge, frazzled or stressed, look around and check your space to see if it’s contributing to the problem.

Thankfully, a few simple changes and habits can quickly make your things feel a whole lot less chaotic and more like the calm, peaceful home you dream of. Yes, even with kids!

5 Easy Ways to Create a More Peaceful Home When You Live with Kids

1. Make the Beds

Taking two minutes to make your bed in the morning makes a world of difference in your mood and the overall calm feeling in your home. When you start your day with that productive feeling from making your bed, it spills into the rest of your day in the best way possible.

For kids that are 5 and older, this is also a great job or chore for them to easily do. Even if it’s not perfect, teaching them to pull up their sheets and blanket creates more peace in the rest of your home. Plus, teaching them those habits early on will be something they thank you for later.

2. Donate Excess Toys & Stuff

Take an hour or two on a weekend to go through all of your kids toys and clothes and donate anything you’re no longer using, or that they no longer play with. When you come across toys that have lost parts or are broken, toss them.

You can do the same thing for just about any area of your house that feels cluttered and messy.

Physically removing the clutter from your home creates space and less mess. All, which equal a more peaceful home.

3. Clear Your Countertops & Surfaces

Visual clutter is one of those things that can easily cause mental clutter. If you currently have all your small kitchen appliances out on the kitchen counter, find a place to put the ones you aren’t using daily.

Clear your bathroom countertops and your desk.

Sure, having things in reach can be handy, but let me ask you—are you really using 25 skincare products every day? Probably not.

Save your counter space for the ones that you’re truly only using on a daily basis. Everything else can live in a cabinet or under the sink—out of sight!

Keeping your desk free of clutter not only makes your entire home feel more peaceful, but makes it easier for you to sit down and focus on what actually needs to be done that day. When your desk is a mess, it’s easier to get distracted and waste time.

4. Find a Place for Every Item

Everything in your home should have a designated space. Picking up this hack really changed things for me. When things don’t have a place, I either find one for them, or get rid of it.

Food goes in the pantry or fridge, clothes go in the closet or drawers, coats go in the closet, shoes go in their cubbies, laundry goes in the basket, cups go in the sink, dirty dishes in the dishwasher (instead of letting them sit in the sink forever).

Not only does this help create order, but is a great way to teach your kids to be more independent from an early age.

Teach them where things go, and they can help put things in their place. Creating these habits and reminding kids of them daily can help build life-long habits that will make them a tidier and more responsible adult.

Plus, when they’re in on the tidying, there’s a lot less chaos for you to chase. If they push back, make it a game—who can clean up the fastest!

5. Practice the 10 Minute Tidy Up

This habit was one I picked up years ago and makes all the difference in keeping the calm around our house. You simply spend 10 minutes after your kids are in bed going around and tidying up, putting dishes away, and more.

Set a timer and do nothing but tidy for 10 minutes. I promise, you’ll be shocked by just how much you get done in a short amount of time. I’m always impressed and so grateful that I took the time when I sit down and relax.

When you wake up the next day, you’re greeted with peace and calm, not chaos and mess. It’s a simple practice, but one that makes a world of difference. This is another simple habit you can practice with your kids as well.

Whenever there’s a timer involved (and sometimes a bribe), my kids are highly motivated!

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