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I’m back in Chicago this morning, which means I’m also back to a more normal schedule. Last week I went home on Wednesday to do a little wedding planning with my mama and spend time with my family. We also talked a LOT about decorating. Since both my sisters are also in college, my mom’s been doing some redecorating and we talked a lot about how to take all the cool stuff she’s already got and repurposing. So more on that later, but it got me thinking about interiors in general, so here’s a little pretty collection of pictures for your Monday morning.

The rest of my trip was packed with activities and college friends — such a blast! But needless to say, I’m exhausted. This week’s to-dos include finishing up a few blog and website projects and a lot of painting before the holiday season kicks into full gear! Speaking of paintings, I’m working on some new ones that are different sizes. Any size in particular you want to see? I would love to hear your thoughts! On that note, it’s back to work, happy Monday!

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