Home Sweet Home

Welcome to 650 Fullerton! I’ve been getting requests from friends and family to post pictures of my new place, so without further ado, here it is. It’s a great vintage walkup in Lincoln Park & my new roommate, Erin, & I love it. I like to think it’s a bit of a work in progress. There’s a lot of things I want to do and it’s not going to happen overnight, so hopefully you’ll get to witness its evolution over the next… few years? Who knows!

The living room looks very similar to the last one, right? It’s about twice the size and has no lights. Seriously, what is up with these old places! We’ve made up for it with a few lamps and probably need a few more because it’s seriously dark at night. I guess it creates nice ambiance.

{ our loooooong hall & beautiful architecture & ‘vintage’ wallpaper }

Our hallways are crying for some photography, paintings & general love. The guest bath is.. well… unique. The wallpaper is old and not my favorite, but the sponge painting is really really bad (you can’t really tell from this picture). I have a vision of painting the top half with chalkboard paint for a little fun, but what to do with the bottom? Ideas are GREATLY appreciated!

My bedroom looks pretty similar to my last one and it’s equally as cozy! I need to hide these extra cords, but no closet lights make need for an ugly extension cord!

Our dining room has a lot of potential, but right now I’m at a lack of ideas. Maybe a seating area in that awkward empty space? Maybe a bar? Maybe…. ?? I want it to be a place that you want to eat in. Right now it’s an awkward, semi-uninviting place. The reason for blank walls? Super thick plaster walls, ahh, gotta love that history!

Here is my little, perfect, cozy office. I was a little concerned that working from home would be difficult, but this makes me feel like I’ve got my own space away from my cozy little home.

Last, but not least, is our kitchen. It’s cozy and in an ideal world I would blow out the wall into the awkward dining room and connect them, but turns out I don’t have the cash for that nor do I own the place. Out that door is a nice patio with a lot of junk that the last tenant left. I’ll show it off in spring, once it’s clean!

I’m hoping that in a few months I can share some new pictures of some renovated areas in our new home! For now it’s pretty damn comfy and I’m glad to call it home sweet home 🙂

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