6 Productivity Hacks for Lazy Sundays

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Today’s post is written by contributor Chelsea Becker, a San Diego native, living and writing in San Francisco. Follow her on Instagram & Pinterest.

I’ve gotta admit, I have a love/hate with Sundays.

On one hand, it’s a weekend day and usually somewhat relaxing, but on the other, Monday sort of looms over the day – at least starting by mid-afternoon. But since I do think there’s so much potential in Sundays, I’ve been exploring ways to enjoy them more. I figured if I was able to take some of that Monday anxiety out of Sundays, I’d be able to actually appreciate them.

Here are some of the ways I’m doing that – or creating “Sunday hacks” as I like to call them.

1. Buy Food Early

I used to grocery shop Sunday evenings, which I think was adding to my anxiety. The store would be a mess and I’d spend the last bit of my Sundays dodging shopping carts and picking the leftovers from the aisles. Now that it’s sunnier out, I’ve made it a habit to get out of bed early and hit the grocery of the farmer’s market first thing. This way, I’m beating the crowds aka saving time and am home by 8:30 a.m. with a house full of fresh food. This might not sound great if you love to sleep in, but for early risers like myself, I can’t recommend it enough. Plus, studies show that waking up at the same time daily promotes better sleep and a healthier system.

2. Speed Clean

I’d rather do pretty much anything than spend my Sundays cleaning, but I’ve found a way to make it not as horrible. Instead of dragging my feet if the house needs to be spruced up, my husband and I will blast music and speed clean. We literally run around the house picking things up and split up the house so we’re not in each other’s way. It might sound childish, but I think that’s what makes it somewhat fun. It’s amazing what you can do in 15 minutes when you’re moving quick and making a game out of it. Heck, it’s kind of a workout, too!

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3. Save Errands for the Week

I love a lazy Sunday and realize that I’m a much happier person if I’m allowing myself to veg out as much as possible on them. Instead of running around and doing all the errands, I really only grocery shop on Sundays now. I’ll save the runs to Target or whatever else for the week days – when I’m already out of the house. So basically, I do more during the week to save for a chill Sunday. Very much worth it!

4. Do TV Work

I have certain work tasks that I can do in front of the TV that I always refer to as “TV work.” You know the ones that don’t take too much brain power but instead just time? To feel like I’m getting a little work done and prepping for an easier Monday, I’ll take an hour or so to do TV work on Sunday afternoons. I’m still able to be super lazy while watching a Netflix show or even sitting outside, but I’m being productive at the same time. Plus, it’s one less hour of organizing or work that needs to happen during the week.

5. Meal Prep the Lazy Way

I’m not one of those girls who loves making extravagant meals or even trying new recipes all the time. I have my go-to meals that I kind of just rotate throughout the weeks. On Sundays, I love to turn on a podcast or and make one of my easy meals while tripling the recipe and essentially meal prepping the lazy way. Something like chicken, cauliflower rice and baked veggies, or turkey burgers and sweet potato cubes. Easy meals like this take all of 30 minutes and leave me with a couple meals for early in the week plus dinner that night. There is something SO beautiful about coming home after a long Monday to remember you have leftovers, too.

Meal Prep the Lazy Way

6. Create a List in your Lazy Sundays

One last thing I like to do most Sundays is to get my life together by way of a list. I’m not actually doing anything on this list on Sundays, but it’s a way to set myself up for a productive week, all while brain dumping. I’ll list everything I need to do that week – from how many workouts to calling the vet or picking up dry cleaning. Then, I’ll place those tasks into my calendar or text my husband what he needs to do. I’ll even go on Pinterest and write down a couple easy recipes that I want to make that next week, just so we have some sort of schedule going. I usually do this with a beer or a glass of wine from my couch to wind down the weekend, lazy girl style.

I’d love to hear if you have any Sunday hacks that you do in your household, so please share in the comments!

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