Sister Trip: Brussels, Belgium


I have to admit, the trip didn’t start off perfectly. We were so excited to finally be there, our first night got away from us. The next thing we knew it was 5am and we were still out. I blame jet lag a bit; clearly our internal clocks had not yet adjusted.

We woke up the next day so late and a bit hungover. What started as just a hangover for me, turned south quickly. We figured I’d caught a stomach bug for as sick as I was. Two days later, I was still feeling nauseous.

Despite being sick, it was still really fun before the sickness hit. We cruised around the town and luckily had really nice weather one day! I’d been to Brussels before, so I was showing my sisters around mostly, but by the end of it, I think they loved it just as much as me! We saw all the touristy things, cruised through beautiful parks, and drank a fair amount of delicious Belgian beer (westmalle is my favorite) and ate a few Belgian waffles.

I wish I hadn’t been sick because I missed my sisters’ day trip to Ghent, a city I loved last visit, but overall I had a good time and was glad that I got sick in a city I’d already been to. I would have been crushed if it happened in Vienna or Budapest!

So for now, enjoy these pics and give yourself a little mental vacation! If you’re curious about any of the places or things you see in the pics, feel free to ask!

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