Sister Trip: Munich










I visited Munich for the first time after I graduated college and fell in love with it. The weather is great in the summer, there’s plenty of beer halls and Englisher Gardens is about the most amazing park I’ve ever seen.

We visited Munich on our second stop of the trip and a great one. Unfortunately, Caroline did fall victim to food poisoning after eating catfish. I should have warned her that catfish might have not been the best choice, but she knows now!

While she was recovering, Katherine and I went on a bike tour, hung out in Englisher Gardens, then spent another few hours in a beer garden in the middle of the market. The next day, we rented bikes again to show Caroline the park and then spent our last afternoon at the Hofbräuhaus. Touristy, of course, but we ended up at a table with two groups of young people — a couple from Brazil and a brother/sister duo from the UK. They were both so much fun and made our 7 hours at the Hofbräuhaus even better!

I almost wish we had one more day while we were here to pick up goodies for a picnic and then spend the day lounging in Englisher Gardens, next time I suppose!

P.S. How about the baby saying cheers with his bottle?? They start them young in Germany!

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