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6 Things That Help Me Feel Less Stressed

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red two piece set

Pretty Dazy Set, also in white, black and copper | Suede Heeled Mules | Escapade Bag | Webster Sunglasses | Lip Color in Pout

When we were in California, I felt so relaxed! The cool crisp air, sunshine and ocean view from the house we stayed in didn’t hurt either. I did yoga on the patio, caught up on sleep and didn’t open my computer for three days. It was magical.

By the time we got home, I was feeling so relaxed and stress free and I did a lot of thinking about how I could continue feeling that stress-free at home. I’m pretty suseptible to stress and find myself getting worked up about things that aren’t that big of a deal.

It’s most definitely a work in progress, but when I pay attention to my body and feel myself getting tense, I first try to figure out where the stress is coming from. Most of the time it’s something I’ve created myself.

I’ve learned to let go a lot since having Owen, but it’s just not that natural for me. I’m constantly working on trying to just enjoy these little moments and not worry about the fact that our house is a mess and I haven’t vacuumed in weeks or that my inbox is telling me I have 75 unread messages. Maybe that doesn’t sound like that many, but I crack the whip when it comes to my inbox and like for all my messages to be read.

spring outfit

red boho outfit

In my attempts to live a less-stressed and more carefree life, I’ve been finding myself drawn to pieces with more boho vibes lately. They’re casual, effortless and comfortable and I love the carefree feel they give. And maybe, just maybe, if I dress like I’m carefree, it’ll rub off and actually make me feel that way too.

Boho Pieces

This two-piece set might not be the most practical for mom life, but I loved it so much I bought it anyway. I’m wearing it later this week to a cocktail party in Dallas, so get ready, you’ll probably see a lot more of this soon. It was also the perfect outfit for our trip to California. I know it’ll get lots of use this summer too—patio dates, here we come!

Anyway, I know everyone handles stress so differently. For some, going for a run is a great stress-reliever, but for me, the thought of running is stress-inducing, haha! Here are a few things that help me to destress in case you need something new to try!

free people set

spring outfit idea

How to Feel Less Stressed


If you read this post last week, you already know this, but yoga is my jam right now. I’ve always loved yoga, but have fallen into a good routine lately of practicing at home in my room. It’s so nice to have those quiet 30 minutes to myself and by the time I’m done I feel so chill. No matter what else lays ahead of me that day, it seems easier if I start my day with a quick yoga sesh.


I love the idea of journaling, but admittedly I’m not as good about doing it regularly. But, when I’m feeling particularly stressed out, I find that putting pen to paper to hash out my feeling and where they’re coming from is really soothing. It helps me to identify the cause, and usually realize that it’s not as big of a deal as I was thinking. Once it’s on paper, I don’t think about it as much either.

how to wear red

coachella outfit

Doing Nothing

I’m a busy person. I’m not good at sitting around and relaxing. But, I’m getting far better at it. Owen wears me out and sitting down on the couch with my morning matcha or a glass of wine at night and doing nothing is such a treat.

Talking to a Friend or Family Member

My mom and my sisters are my go-to people to call when I’m worked up about something. They’re all so calm, rational and level-headed. Sometimes you just need to talk things through with someone, whether it’s a friend or family member, it’s so nice to have someone you know you can trust with your personal issues.

coachella outfit ideas

boho two piece set


I’ve also been making more time to meditate and it gives me same effect as yoga. I’m just so much more calm and content when I’m done. If I’m meditating regularly, it’s easier to remember the practice in stressful moments and always makes them easier.

Taking a Hot Shower

Sometimes there’s nothing better than just taking a hot shower (or bath, if that’s more your thing). Our shower has a little bench in it and I love to sit on it and just let the water run over me. I always feel rejuvenated afterwards. Typically I end everyday with a hot shower. Usually it’s a quick “rinse” shower, but it feels so nice to wash the day away and get into bed being toasty warm.

boho outfit

bohemian outfit

Your turn! What helps you to relieve stress? Are you naturally a calm person or easily stressed out like me?

BTW, 7 mantras to start your day, and 6 simple tips for kicking stress to the curb.



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