Owen’s First Haircut

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A little over a week ago, Owen and I went to Dallas to visit my parents for no other reason than I missed them! They hadn’t seen Owen since our trip to Aspen earlier this summer and they were so excited to see how much he’s changed and grown.

To compare, when we got to Aspen, he had just started crawling and by the end of that trip, he was a speed crawler! On our trip to Dallas, he was pulling himself up around the coffee table and by the time he left, he was walking pretty well on his own. It’s so crazy how they learn skills so fast and suddenly seem to have mastered them!

During our trip, we also decided to get his haircut for the first time. My family owns and runs a men’s clothing store, Culwell & Son, in Dallas that’s been in our family for nearly a century! It’s also where I first worked out of college before moving to Chicago. They have a barber shop called The Grooming Room attached to it as well. It’s where my dad got his first haircut, where I got my first haircut and where Owen got his!

Surprisingly, he did really well! No crying, a little bit of fussing, but as long as I was holding his hands, he was pretty good! Keith, the barber, amazingly gave him a great haircut despite the fact that Owen was bobbing and weaving the whole time, ha! My dad’s parents also came to watch, which was really sweet!

Fun fact—if you live in Dallas and your baby needs a haircut, The Grooming Room does a free cut if it’s your baby’s first haircut!

We saved a little lock of his hair, which reminded me I really need to get a baby book for him so I don’t forget all these milestone moments and when they happened! Do you guys have any suggestions?

BTW, our trip to Denver, and Owen’s carseat upgrade.

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